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Lighting Fixture Supplier Pleo Inc. Takes on Outdoor Solutions

■Chou Ming-chou Pleo Inc. is a professional supplier of lighting fixtures to market worldwide for more than 15 years. The firm aims to provide the best services and high-quality products, enabling them to lay the foundations for maintaining long-term business cooperation with partners in terms of... Full Story

Pleo Inc.--Invisible alabaster spotlight series

Pleo Inc., headquartered in New Taipei City, northern Taiwan, is a contract maker of lighting fixtures, accessories and fittings. The maker supplies huge range of products, including invisible alabaster illumination spotlights, ceiling lighting, wall-mount lighting, walkway lighting, wall lam... Full Story

Pleo Inc. --Total processing solutions for lighting fixtures

Pleo Inc. is a provider of total processing solutions for a range of lighting fixtures and other industrial products. The solutions include both materials and processing for die casting, plastic injection, stamping, spinning, machining, welding, forging, assembly, anodizing, and painting. In ear... Full Story

Company: PLEO INC.

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