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E-Green Corp.--Sprinkles, garden hoses, joints, spraying nozzles

E-Green Corp., located in Changhua County, central Taiwan, is one of the veteran specialists in developing and producing garden tools on the island. The company has built sound, integrated production lines in-house to assure reliable quality and rapid delivery. The company boasts strong R&D ca... Full Story

E-Green Corp.--Sprinkels, garden hoses, joints, spraying nozzles

Headquartered in Changhua of Taichung County, E-Green Corp. has been dedicated to developing and producing sprinklers for use in gardens. The company currently supplies a wide range of garden tools and related accessories, including lawn and garden sprinklers, hose nozzles, hose connectors, hose ... Full Story

E-Green Corp.--Sprinklers, garden hoses, joints, spraying nozzles

E-Green Corp., headquartered in Taiwan's central county of Changhua, has been dedicated to production and development of sprinklers for use in gardens as a veteran supplier in the line. Incessant pursuit for superb production capability drives the company to build sound, integrated production... Full Story

Company: E-GREEN CORP.

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