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These are in-depth pre- and post-show reports on major international trade fairs, held in Taiwan and other countries with significant participation by Taiwanese manufacturers and exporters. They are offered to help global buyers and other readers better understand what is going on at the fairs and the latest offerings by Taiwanese exhibitors.

The continued drop in prices of new-generation lighting products will steadily boost the penetration of LED bulbs in the market.

Taiwan's LED Lighting Makers Expand R&D and Marketing in Face of Dull Market

Manufacturers hope that lighting applications will make up for slumping backlight sales

Dec 20, 2013

This has been a lackluster year in the international lighting market, and companies in the line are vigorously carrying out R&D and marketing activities in an effort to break out of the doldrums by offering improved functions and expanded applications. Epistar chairman Lee Biing-jye is full of confidence in the future of LED lighting and in the role of Taiwanese manufacturers in the global LE...

Guangdong Jinyuan's flashlights are recognized as iconic LED products in Guangdong.

New Subsidy Likely to Further Boost Mainland China's LED Demand

Government sets ambitious targets for LED lighting penetration

Dec 20, 2013

Mainland China’s LED (light emitting diode) lighting market is expected to get a further boost from a new government subsidy program to be inaugurated in January 2014. The program is designed to promote the use of energy-saving household electrical equipment, including LED lights. The Chinese authorities have been offering subsidies since 2008 to encourage the use of high-efficiency fluorescen...

The Wind God Temple has been transformed into the first “Temple of Light” in Taiwan.

Temple of Light Creates New Domain for Lighting Applications

Through lighting design, the “Temple of Light” illuminates the harmonious beauty of a historic shrine

Dec 20, 2013

The “Temple of Light,” a result of collaboration between Tainan City Government’s Cultural Affairs Bureau and the Coretronic Culture and Arts Foundation (CCAF), formally lit up in mid-September, 2013 year after two years of planning and preparation. The Temple of Light is actually the historic Wind God Temple, the only shrine in Tainan devoted primarily to the worship of the Wind God, transfo...

The Taiwan Excellence Pavilion's displays are intelligently designed in a corridor form.

Taiwan Excellence Pavilion Highlights Innovation and Design Aesthetics

Today, the emphasis has shifted to soft economic innovation to create momentum for Taiwan's new industrial development

Dec 20, 2013

Anyone traveling along section three of Zhongshan North Road in Taipei recently would certainly have noticed that there is a new addition to the buildings clustered in the flower, art, and culture area which includes Flower Expo Park, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, and Zhongshan Soccer Stadium. The new addition is a white-walled structure in front of the arts museum, with faintly discernible large glas...

TLFEA Chairman Steven Lin.

New Lighting Export Association Chairman Hopes for Consolidation Of Evolving Industry

Achievement of multiple tasks will make Taiwan's lighting-fixture industry more competitive

Oct 04, 2013

President Steven Lin of Yah Juang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. was elected chairman of the Taiwan Lighting Fixture Export Association (TLFEA) early this year, and since taking office he has been pushing a number of tasks which he hopes to complete within his three-year term. The tasks the new chairman has set for himself are to work together with other local associations in combining their s...

ROC Vice President Wu Dun-yi (left) poses for a photo with with Jack Chen, chairman of New Taipei City Lighting Association.

Basic Professional Training is the Cornerstone for Promotion of Green Energy Lighting

Oct 04, 2013

Interview with Jack Chen, Chairman of New Taipei City Lighting Association In Taiwan's lighting industry, Jack Chen, General Manager of the LVD International Light & Energy Corp., is something of an anomaly. LVD International, which he established in 2007, is the first Taiwan-based company to specialize in the design, production, and marketing of induction lamps. Compared to peers who have...

LVD International's booth was a focus of attention at this year's Taiwan International Lighting Show (TILS).

LVD Lamps: Light Without Much Heat over a Wide Range of Uses

The publishing of national standards for induction lamps last year marked a milestone in the industry's development

May 30, 2013

Interview with Jack Chen, general manager of LVD International Light & Energy Corp. LVDs and LEDs have many similarities; their initials are different in only one letter, both are members of the new generation of lighting, and both offer green-lighting advantages such as energy conservation, carbon reduction, high power factor, low lumen depreciation, minimal power wastage, flicker-free perf...

Unique design enables Everlight's SL-SV60A LED bulb for 350-degree rotation.

Taiwan's Lighting Makers Focus on Eco-friendly Products

One maker offers PDA-enabled lighting that also home-scans

May 30, 2013

Taiwanese lighting manufacturers are competing to introduce eco-friendly products as LED (light emitting diode), electrode-less and Internet-controlled ones to attract orders when the green cause continues to gain ever rising importance. Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd., world’s No.1 LED packager by capacity, recently released its 9W SL-SV60A and 15W SL-60...

Lextar's in-house laboratory

Lextar Sharpens Edge with Integrated Manufacturing Capability

LED lighting maker aims to be a world leader in its field

May 30, 2013

Lextar Electronics Co., Ltd. recently unveiled an in-house laboratory that has been certified by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America to LM79 and LM80 standards for the testing of solid state lighting (SSL). The new lab is the first of its kind in Taiwan and another landmark in the company’s effort to strengthen its capabilities in the manufacturing of light emitting diode ...

LEDinside Issues 10 Forecasts for LED Industry in 2013</h2><p class='subtitle'>China relies on talent poaching to offset brainpower shortage</p>

LEDinside Issues 10 Forecasts for LED Industry in 2013

China relies on talent poaching to offset brainpower shortage

May 29, 2013

Although the LED industry underwent many extraordinary developments worldwide last year, market research organization LEDinside, a subsidiary of the Taiwan-headquartered TrendForce Corp., is upbeat about the industry’s development in 2013 and offers 10 forecasts. Expired patents as rejuvenation LEDinside feels that the industry will see new life as many crucial patents held by internation...