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Helping global buyers with effective, updated product sourcing, these consist of the latest products, services and developments from selected Taiwanese suppliers in various export industries.

An Jui Precision Tool Co., Ltd.
cutting tools

An jui/global pass/bo/Kl-nov-‘14 An Jui Precision Tool Co., Ltd. Cutting tools An Jui Precision Tool Co., Ltd., founded in 1995 in Taichung, central Taiwan, excels in cutting tools that are delivered as OEM products (customers' brands) brand or under own brand. The company's product lines... Full Story

Published: 2014/11/26

Catcher Technology's EPS Hits Record High of NT$6.36 in Q3

Fueled mainly by its core business of integrated metal casing manufacturing for smartphones and high-end laptops, Taiwan-based Catcher Technology Co., Ltd., a major supplier on the island, recorded a new high of NT$6.36 (US$0.21) in EPS (earnings per share) for Q3, according to its latest financial... Full Story

Published: 2014/11/26

Stead Fast Industrial Co., Ltd.
Hex head screws, socket cap screws, hex flange screws, rivets, fasteners

Stead Fast Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1975 and today is a veteran manufacturer of a variety of standard and special fasteners based in Kaohsiung City, southern Taiwan. The company's constant business mantra is “Quality First, Service First and Competitive Prices.” The key to Stead Fast’... Full Story

Published: 2014/11/25

Top Rank Industrial Co., Ltd.
Auto repair tools, hand tools, tire lever wrenches, socket wrench sets, 4-way rim wrenches, L-bend socket wrenches, 4-way lug wrenches etc.

Top Rank Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1979 and has grown into a veteran specialist in developing and manufacturing high-quality automotive tools and hand tools. Thanks to its strong innovation capability, many of the firm's products have been patented globally. To meet the diverse demands... Full Story

Published: 2014/11/20

J-King International Corp.
Roller chains, conveyor gravity rollers, overhead chains, UN series universal chains, apron chains, forging parts, scraper chains

J-King International Corp. has specialized in power transmission products ever since its establishment way back in 1963, making it one of Taiwan’s most experienced suppliers in its line. The company’s current product portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum of power transmission products and compon... Full Story

Published: 2014/11/19

All-Logic Int'l Co., Ltd.
Protective goggle/spectacle, safety goggles, safety eyewear, safety glasses, industrial eyewear, industrial spectacle etc.

Founded in 1992, All-Logic Int'l Co., Ltd. set itself the goal of integrating manufacturing with sales and service to become the principal specialist safety eyewear manufacturer in Taiwan. The firm is ISO 9001-, ISO 18001-, ISO 14001-, AS (Australia)-, and CSA (Canada)-approved. All-Logic export... Full Story

Published: 2014/11/18

Chang Pu Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Gear wrenches, flexible gear wrenches, long double-ring flexible gear wrenches

The Chang Pu Enterprise Co., founded in 2005, is highly adept at producing quality gear wrenches and has a strong capability for developing innovative products. The company feels that each order it receives represents the customer’s affirmation and trust in the quality of its gear wrenches, and ... Full Story

Published: 2014/11/15

Chueng Shine Co., Ltd.
Office chairs and desks

Founded in 1981, Chueng Shine Co., Ltd. has grown into a leading Taiwanese maker of OA furniture with a catalog that encompasses a wide range of seating and desk products. Today the company concentrates on the development of innovative and highly functional products for the global market. Chuen... Full Story

Published: 2014/11/15

Wuntaix Co., Ltd.
AC adaptors/sockets, binding posts, banana plugs, jacks, and knobs

Wuntaix Co., Ltd., founded in 1975 in Southern Taiwan, is capitalized at US$320,000 (NT$10,000,000) and operates a factory with a total workforce of 38. Wuntaix targets at providing a total solution for various electronic components, and now mainly offers a broad range of AC adaptors, sockets, bana... Full Story

Published: 2014/11/15

All Gain Industry Co., Ltd.
Hose clamps and couplings, worm drive hose clamps, quick release hose clamps, pipe connectors, check valves

Ever since its establishment in 1978 to manufacture hose clamps and couplings, All Gain Industry Co., Ltd. has developed sustainably for nearly 40 years, mainly driven by its core value of “R&D, Efficiency and Quality to Best Sharpen Competitive Edge.” Constant investment in R&D particularly contr... Full Story

Published: 2014/11/15

Hong Bing Pneumatic Industry Co., Ltd.
Air tools including Air Screwdriver, Air Wrench, Air Drill, Air Tapping Tool, Air Nut Riveter

Founded in 1974, Hong Bing Pneumatic Industry Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of air tools ranging from air screwdrivers to precision robotic arms. With a constant focus on innovation and quality, the ISO 9001- and CE (TÜV)-approved firm has obtained patents in Taiwan and Germany. Hong ... Full Story

Published: 2014/11/15

(Target Valve) Yueng Shing Industrial Co., Ltd.
Ball valves, flanged ball valves, sanitary ball valves, multi-way ball valves, stainless steel balls, strainers

Since its establishment in 1990, (Target Valve) Yueng Shing Industrial Co., Ltd. has been devoted to manufacturing and supplying valves and pipe fittings for over 20 years as a world-caliber maker. This maker provides a wide range of valves and fittings, including ball valves, flanged ball valves,... Full Story

Published: 2014/11/14

Atoli Machinery Co., Ltd.
Drilling machines, punching machines, riveting machines, and others

Atoli Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in central Taiwan in 1974, makes drilling machines, punching machines, riveting machines, cutting tools, magnetic stands for drillers, heavy-duty electric drillers, automatic-portable magnetic cutting units, pneumatic riveting machines, and tapping machines. Havi... Full Story

Published: 2014/11/14

Fukuno Seiki Co., Ltd.
CNC vertical machining centers and CNC lathes

Fukuno Seiki Co., Ltd. is a contract supplier of machine tools, specializing in midsize CNC vertical machining centers and CNC lathes outfitted with spindles having a maximum through-hole diameter of nine inches. Its machines are designed for industries including car making, aircraft manufacturing,... Full Story

Published: 2014/11/14

Axisco Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
Automated processing equipment, broaching machines, rotary multi-spindle drilling machines, reaming and tapping machines, CNC deep-hole drilling machines, and more

Axisco Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 1984, has developed into a veteran developer and manufacturer of high-quality automated metal processing equipment. The company is committed to creating the greatest benefit for customers by providing the most economical CNC equipment for mass-produc... Full Story

Published: 2014/11/14

Japen Industrial Co., Ltd.
Dimmers for LED bulbs and halogen lamps

Founded in 1989, Japen Industrial Co., Ltd. makes dimmers, low-voltage electronic transformers, ballasts, and light sensors for LED lamps, fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, and other energy-efficient lamps. All of the company's products are certified by UL, C-UL, and CE, attesting to their quality... Full Story

Published: 2014/11/14

Long Tzyh Long Co., Ltd.
Metal storage containers for household and promotional applications

Established in 1978, Long Tzyh Long Co., Ltd. specializes in making metal storage containers such as tin cans and tanks, mainly for household and promotional use, to hold food (biscuits, candies, etc.), tea leaves, coffee beans/powder, gifts/premiums, candles, coins, etc. It also turns out wine cas... Full Story

Published: 2014/11/14

Shenchi Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.
Self-adhesive pads, silicone keypads, rubber parts, 3C product protective cases etc.

Shenchi Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing, importing, and exporting high-quality rubber, silicone, and plastic electronic components, backed by in-house R&D and custom mold design for use with different raw materials, as well as various types of high-precision products of ... Full Story

Published: 2014/11/14

All Gain Industry Co., Ltd.
Hose clamps and couplings, worm drive hose clamps, quick release hose clamps, pipe connectors, check valves

Ever since its establishment in 1978, All Gain Industry Co., Ltd. has specialized in manufacturing piping and plumbing fittings. It has developed into a veteran supplier in its field. The company supplies a wide range of piping and plumbing fittings, including shielded transition couplings, hose... Full Story

Published: 2014/11/12

Glory Formosa Co., Ltd.
Carton sealers, tape dispensers, stretch film dispensers, bag sealers, utility knives, packing materials and supplies

Glory Formosa Co., Ltd. was founded in 1978 and has developed into a top-end Taiwanese supplier of packing tools and supplies for both DIY and professional use, with its own globally known “Excell” brand. Noted for innovative design, great functionality, and exceptional quality, Excell-brand pro... Full Story

Published: 2014/11/12

Yu Ting Co.
CNC machined parts, OEM parts, contract manufacturing services

Yu Ting Co. was established in 2012 as a manufacturer of various industrial parts mainly on an OEM (original equipment manufacturing) basis. It is located in Taiwan’s central county of Changhua. Despite its tender age, the manufacturer is capable of applying lathing, milling, threading, and dril... Full Story

Published: 2014/11/12

Chieh Ling Uses Unremitting R&D to Succeed as a Supplier of Furniture Fasteners

Ever since its beginning as a maker of furniture fasteners in 1989, Chieh Ling Screws Enterprise Co., Ltd. has consistently engaged in vigorous R&D work in order to satisfy customers worldwide with value-added manufacturing services. With more than 30 years of experience as an OEM (original equi... Full Story

Published: 2014/11/06

King Giants Precision Ind. Co., Ltd.
High speed super precision rotary module and linear module

Founded in 2012 as a subsidiary of the Foxconn Technology Group, King Giants Precision Ind. Co., Ltd. makes high-speed super-precision rotary modules, high-speed super-precision linear servo motion modules, high-speed super-precision linear mechanical motion modules, numerical control rotary module... Full Story

Published: 2014/11/05

Hogin Tech. Industries Co., Ltd.
Oil Seals, special seals, rings, rubber parts, materials etc. for machinery, automotive etc. applications

Hogin Tech. Industries Co., Ltd. is a veteran developer and manufacturer of various kinds of high-quality rubber parts and related materials. With an abundance of experience, know-how, and expertise in material development and finished-product manufacturing, the company is proud of its ability to o... Full Story

Published: 2014/11/04

Long Friend Plastics Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1981, Long Friend Plastics Co., Ltd. is an ambitious Taiwanese plastic furniture parts manufacturer, specializing in manufacture of casters, chair wheels and related components for furniture. With an integrated production line, covering R&D, mold design and finishing processes, the ma... Full Story

Published: 2014/11/03

A-Belt-Lin Industrial Co., Ltd.
Seat safety belts, buckles, industrial safety belts, tie downs

A-Belt-Lin Industrial Co. has been a dedicated manufacturer of safety belts and related products and accessories ever since its establishment in 1992. The company is noted for its consummate capability throughout all stages of development and production, from R&D and mold manufacturing to webbi... Full Story

Published: 2014/10/31

Lang Fang Forward Furniture Co., Ltd.
Dining sets, bar counters & stools, TV stands, coffee tables, children's beds

Located in northern China, Lang Fang Forward Furniture Co., Ltd. is successfully operated by a Taiwanese to provide a wide variety of furniture to markets in China and abroad. With efforts on improving manufacturing technologies and production capability, the company has achieved excellent integra... Full Story

Published: 2014/10/31

K-Tech Tools Co., Ltd.
Pliers, hex-keys, screwdrivers and bits, PVC pipe cutters, ratchet spanners, hand tools

Taiwan's K-Tech Tools Co., Ltd. is a supplier of hand tools for both professional and DIY users, offering a wide range of products including combination pliers, chain-nose/side-cutting pliers, pipe cutters, electrician’s diagonal cutters, heavy-duty grip pliers, circlip pliers, wire clippers, steel... Full Story

Published: 2014/10/31

Lung Cheng Hang Co., Ltd.
Motorcycle clutch parts, motorcycle CVT parts, motorcycle replacement and performance CVT parts, etc.

Founded in 2002 by a group of specialists in the motorcycle parts industry, Lung Cheng Hang Co., Ltd. is a specialized developer and manufacturer of continuous variable transmission (CVT) parts mainly for motorcycles and motor scooters. The firm boasts advanced mold/die development technology, str... Full Story

Published: 2014/10/31

Henma Machinery Corp.
Aluminum copy routers for doors and windows, aluminum cutting/sawing machines, metal bending machines

Established in 1996, Henma Machinery Corp. has been in the machinery business for nearly 20 years now, trading mainly aluminum copy routers for aluminum door and window frames, aluminum cutting and sawing machines, and metal bending machines. In the beginning the company focused exclusively on t... Full Story

Published: 2014/10/31

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