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These are in-depth pre- and post-show reports on major international trade fairs, held in Taiwan and other countries with significant participation by Taiwanese manufacturers and exporters. They are offered to help global buyers and other readers better understand what is going on at the fairs and the latest offerings by Taiwanese exhibitors.

Jye Kuano's cable assembly.

Jye Kuano Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.

Fiber optic patch cords and adaptors, telephone cables assemblies and accessories

Jan 23, 2017

Since its inception in 1989 in Taipei County, northern Taiwan, Jye Kuano Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. has been specialized in production of high-caliber electric wires and cables for two decades. Many years of devotion has seen the company accumulate abundant know-how in its field. Concentrated on customer recognition, the company provides clients with competitive prices, unbeatable product quality ...

Maxthermo-Gitta's PLC.

Mexthermo-Gitta Group Corp.

PLCs, PID temperature modules, timers, meters, sensors, factory-automation instruments

Jan 12, 2017

Since founded in 1978 with a factory in Tainan, southern Taiwan, by several Taiwanese experts from the electronic industry, MAXIMUM ELECTRONIC Co., Ltd. has been engaged in temperature controller and thermocouples, with its products highly evaluated at home and in more than 100 countries all over the world. In response to the fast-growing domestic market for thermocouples, the company set up a...


Calin Technology's general manager M.J. Chuang (photographed by Wong Yong-chuan).

Calin Technology Sails Blue Ocean by Tapping Automotive Lens Segment

Aug 26, 2016

Drawing on its superb software and hardware technology, Calin Technology Co., Ltd., a listed manufacture of optical lenses on Taiwan Stock Exchange, has effectively ventured into segments for automotive lenses. Presently, the company also develops models for applications in VR, AR and MR-based devices. General manager M.J. Chuang of Calin Technology stresses that the company has been capable o...

Sunlike's AL series OLED character display.

Sunlike Display Tech Corp.

LCD modules, LED lights, and OLED modules

Jan 21, 2016

Founded in 1996 in central Taiwan, Sunlike Display Tech. Corp. makes and markets high-quality liquid crystal display (LCD) modules, organic light emitting diode (OLED) modules and LED lights. The company’s LCD products are integrated with twisted nematic (TN), super twisted nematic (STN), film-super-twisted- mematic (FSTN) and chip-on-board (COB) technologies. Its OLED character module feature...


High-quality sheet-metal products made by Yu-Sheng. (photo from Yu-Sheng)

Yu-Sheng Sheet Metal Co., Ltd.

Integrated sheet-metal processing and manufacturing, precision sheet metal, sheet-metal control boxes, cases, housings for various applications, Metal Boxes

Oct 15, 2015

Founded in 1980, Yu-Sheng Sheet Metal Co., Ltd. is a veteran company specializing in providing integrated precision sheet-metal processing and manufacturing, as well as assembly services to global customers. The company takes pride in its strong integrated capability from development, processing, manufacturing to assembly, which is rarely found among most peers who only make sheet metal products....


Sleek exterior and attractive color coupled with easy-to-carry  packaging are features of SAC's i-Drive USB Flash Disk.

i-Drive Lightning Flash Disk from Taiwan's SAC is Launched to Raise Utility of Popular iPhone

May 28, 2015

With a basic geometry to embrace simplicity and easy access to numerous apps on Apple Store for better practicality as its major attraction to consumers, most observers would agree, with revenue generating figures as support, that the iPhone has managed to become one of the hottest-selling, most sought-after digital devices in human history that have taken on designer-goods cachet that has been p...


Incoming Inc.</h2><p class='subtitle'>The Security Product Specialist Wafer Tumbler lock, Pin Tumbler lock</p>

Incoming Inc.

The Security Product Specialist Wafer Tumbler lock, Pin Tumbler lock

Jul 09, 2014

Wafer Tumbler lock, Pin Tumbler lock We are manufacturer specializing in wafer tumbler locks, pin tumbler locks and their augmented products. The core to your lock system. We offer a range of security solutions for your every need and we can also provide BRIGHT ideas! Incoming Inc. 123, Ping-An Rd., Siou Shuei Township, Changhua County, Taiwan 50447 Tel: 886-4-762-3181 Fax: 886-...


Chuen Jaang Precision Industry Co., Ltd.</h2><p class='subtitle'>Precision turned parts, milling/grinding parts, semiconductor equipment parts</p>

Chuen Jaang Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Precision turned parts, milling/grinding parts, semiconductor equipment parts

Jul 09, 2014

Founded in in 1982, Chuen Jaang Precision Industry Co. is one of the most comprehensive suppliers of precision turned parts in Taiwan. The ISO 9001-certified company, its business has grown almost every year since its establishment, and is now a world-class player that is continuing to diversify its product line and enlarge the scale of its operations. The company claims to have Asia's best...


SGE Terminals & Wiring Accessories Inc.</h2><p class='subtitle'>Non-insulated & pre-insulated terminals, butt connectors, cable ties</p>

SGE Terminals & Wiring Accessories Inc.

Non-insulated & pre-insulated terminals, butt connectors, cable ties

Jul 09, 2014

Founded in 1988 in Taiwan's central county of Changhua, SGE Terminals & Wiring Accessories Inc. is an ISO 9001-certificatedted maker of cable and terminal accessories. The company churns out a variety of electric terminals, including non-insulated and reinsulated terminals, heat-shrinkable cord ends, cable lugs, cable ties and push-on disconnectors.Also among the firm's product lines are crimp...


Sheng-An Industrial Co., Ltd.</h2><p class='subtitle'>Storage carts, storage boxes, storage organization, adjustable clothes racks, PP storage drawers</p>

Sheng-An Industrial Co., Ltd.

Storage carts, storage boxes, storage organization, adjustable clothes racks, PP storage drawers

Jul 09, 2014

Ever since its founding in 1995, the Taiwan-based Sheng-An Industrial Co., Ltd. has used plastic injection molding to turn out a variety of storage carts and storage solutions for both households and offices. Backed by a sound complement of manufacturing equipment along with consummate plastic injection and mold development capabilities, the company can handle the full cycle of production in-h...