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Supplier News
Helping global buyers with effective, updated product sourcing, these consist of the latest products, services and developments from selected Taiwanese suppliers in various export industries.

Yi Huei Machinery Co., Ltd.
Punching machine, heavy duty tube drilling machine, and more

Found in 2000, Yi Huei Machinery Co., Ltd. makes punching machine, heavy-duty tube drilling machine, cable ladder swaging machine, tube end forming machine, and chamfering machine for auto-parts, building-construction hardware, and metalworking industries. The company can design customized machi... Full Story

Published: 2014/10/20

Her Chee Industrial Co., Ltd.
ATV/Quad, scooter, motorcycle, mini car, go-kart, e-bike, electric wheelchair, motorcycle engines and parts etc.

Founded in 1978, the ISO 9001-approved Her Chee Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in developing and manufacturing high-quality all terrain vehicle (ATV), scooter, go-cart, electric bicycle (e-bike), and electric wheelchair, as well as vehicle engines and parts. Globally marketing products with it... Full Story

Published: 2014/10/20

Top Rank Industrial Co., Ltd.
Hand tool kits, tire lever wrenches, auto repair tools, socket wrench sets and sockets, 4-way wheel wrenches, L-bend socket wrenches etc.

Founded in 1979, Top Rank Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in designing, developing, innovating and manufacturing high-quality, innovative auto tools and hand tools. With long-term devotion to the business, Top Rank has grown into one of the world's largest manufacturers of four-way cross wrenc... Full Story

Published: 2014/10/15

Ingger Rubber Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Custom-made rubber parts, O-rings, V-rings, U-rings, oil seals, rubber industrial products etc.

Founded in 1988, Ingger Rubber Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a veteran company specializing in designing, developing and manufacturing high-grade rubber parts for industrial applications, including automotive, motorcycle, machinery, electronics and daily utensils etc. Claiming to make products with hi... Full Story

Published: 2014/10/15

Fusan Handicraft Co.
Motorcycle parts and accessories, lamps, headlamps, engine parts, throttle handles

Since founded in 1972, Fusan Handicraft Co. has been manufacturing parts and accessories for motorcycles and scooters as a veteran supplier in Taiwan’s southern city of Tainan. With more than four decades of continuous improvement, the company has built a solid edge in technology, quality and pr... Full Story

Published: 2014/10/15

Chew Long Developing Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Flush bolt sets, fireproof windows, fireproof glass partition walls, door & window hardware, magical tent

Chew Long Developing Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a creative Taiwanese manufacturer of building materials and door and window hardware, including fireproof windows, fireproof glass partition walls, and flush bolt sets, among other items. The company is strongly competitive thanks largely to the R&D cap... Full Story

Published: 2014/10/15

Jin Li Co., Ltd.
CNC machining, stampings, forgings, home improvement and DIY tools, fasteners, and industrial parts

The Taiwan-based Jin Li Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of industrial parts, hand tools, and fasteners, with well-honed CNC lathing, stamping, and forging techniques that have built it a solid reputation among buyers at home and abroad. Drawing on its consummate skills, the company is abl... Full Story

Published: 2014/10/15

San So Industry Co., Ltd.
Sliding door tracks and hardware, hinges, door rollers, door stoppers

San So Industry Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of hardware for doors, sliding doors, folding doors etc. Having been in business for over 30 years, San So started by making brass door handles, and then gradually branched into developing, manufacturing and assembling door hardware to meet c... Full Story

Published: 2014/10/15

Soartek Co., Ltd.
Plastic injection molds and parts, investment casting parts, die casting parts, sand casting, stamping parts, CNC machining parts, clamps, valves

Ever since its establishment in 1989, Soartek Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to supplying a range of plastic injection molds and parts, castings, stamping parts, and CNC machining parts. Backed by extensive know-how in mechanical engineering and plastic injection molding, along with a well-integrate... Full Story

Published: 2014/10/15

Fimex Taiwan Ltd.
Wiring devices, household electrical materials, and lighting products

Established in 1986, Fimex Taiwan Ltd. is a professional supplier of wiring devices, household electrical materials, and lighting products that are marketed worldwide under the company's own brand. Drawing on its rich know-how about electrical and lighting products, the company provides the follow... Full Story

Published: 2014/10/15

Yun Chan Industry Co., Ltd.
Impact socket bits, screwdrivers, screwdriver bits, nut setters, bit sockets

Since founded in 1976, Yun Chan Industry Co., Ltd. has specialized in making screwdrivers and related accessories for nearly 40 years. Yun Chan insists on offering top quality, achieved by integrated in-house production to ensure qualitative consistency, backed by standardized quality control to m... Full Story

Published: 2014/10/15

Redtex Industrial Co., Ltd.
Automotive repair tools, air tools, impact sockets, socket wrench sets, bit sockets, torque tools, auto repair services for cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Redtex Industrial Co., Ltd. has accumulated an abundance of know-how and experience that has helped it develop into one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of automotive repair tools in Taiwan. Committed to quality and customer-oriented service, the firm offers sourcing, design, packaging, l... Full Story

Published: 2014/10/15

Best Champion Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Grinders, sanders, compressors, buffers, pumps, electric tools, mixer, drill, tile cutters, humidifiers

Established in 1986, Best Champion Enterprise Co., Ltd. has grown into a veteran specialist in the development and production of quality, durable, and functional bench grinders, pumps, and other tools. The company boasts excellent OEM capability. Thanks to its long-term devotion in the industry, t... Full Story

Published: 2014/10/15

Ssupou Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Foot pedal switches

Ssupou Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the foot pedal switch industry for over 30 years, mainly turning out electric foot pedal switches, hydro-pneumatic foot switches, hydro-pneumatic foot air valve pedals, electric control boxes, and automatic control systems for industrial use. The comp... Full Story

Published: 2014/10/09

New Sun Far East Corp., Ltd.
Funnel, torque tools, hand tools, air tools, power tools, auto parts, agriculture / construction equipment…etc.

New Sun Far East Corp., Ltd. is a seasoned Taiwanese supplier to the top automotive and construction equipment distributors in North America and Europe, claiming to have been at the forefront of the professional tools market for more than 30 years. The firm is a major OEM/ODM supplier to many in... Full Story

Published: 2014/10/07

Chein Mei Trade Co., Ltd.
TPU rubber bands and elastic rings, non-toxic TPU bands, two-color TPU elastic rings etc.

Founded in 1997, the ISO 9001-approved Chein Mei Trade Co., Ltd. is a veteran maker specializing in high-quality TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) elastic products, including rubber bands, elastic rings, elastic cords etc. Aiming to lead the sector in Taiwan offering the best-quality products, Ch... Full Story

Published: 2014/10/07

Microforce Spring Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Springs and shafts

Ever since its founding in 1990, Microforce Spring Enterprise Co., Ltd. has specialized in making precision springs, wire forms, and shafts for various purposes. With abundant knowledge of the properties of various materials, the company uses piano wires, stainless steel, high carbon steel, nick... Full Story

Published: 2014/10/02

Kayton Industry Co., Ltd.
Rubber extruders, tire making machines, hydraulic curing machines, fully automatic batch-off machines, tire testing machines, cold-feed pin bellow extruders for tires

Tire making machines, hydraulic curing machines, fully automatic batch-off machines, tire testing machines, cold-feed pin bellow extruders for tires Founded in 1992, Kayton Industry Co., Ltd. is a top-end manufacturer of rubber machinery mainly for tire production. Kayton supplies a full line... Full Story

Published: 2014/10/02

Feng Jung Tools Co., Ltd.
Drill bit grinders and parts

Feng Jung Tools Co., Ltd., was established in 1969 and has since developed into one of Taiwan’s leading suppliers of patented building hardware and building tools, including recently released drill bit grinders and parts. The grinders sharpen drill bits to make reusable, precise, and efficient. ... Full Story

Published: 2014/10/01

Dynaway Machinery Co., Ltd.
Vertical machining centers, double-column machining centers, five-axis machining centers, CNC lathes, machine tool parts and accessories

Set up in 2005 in Taichung, central Taiwan, Dynaway Machinery Co., Ltd. began promoting in machine tools and accessories in 2012. The company provides total solutions for parts and mold machining, serving as a one-stop shop offering a comprehensive line of specialized machine tools and peripherals ... Full Story

Published: 2014/09/30

Tai Cheer Industrial Co., Ltd.
Ball bearing drawer slides

Established in 1985, Tai Cheer Industrial Co. initially generated ball-bearing slide roll forming machines, and in 1993 became in the production of ball bearing drawer slides. With experience in the industry for more than 25 years, the company is now able to offer high-end quality products to its c... Full Story

Published: 2014/09/30

JAKI Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Soft starters, thyristor power regulators, capacitor-dedicated static switching units

Jaki Enterprise Co., Ltd., established in 1992, has become one of Taiwan’s foremost designers and manufacturers of dedicated industrial electromechanical products. It is a leading brand for soft starters, thyristor power regulators, and capacitor-dedicated static switches. The company’s static ... Full Story

Published: 2014/09/30

Cherng Min Enterprise Co., Ltd.
ABS wheel covers, door handle covers, mirror covers, tailgate handle covers etc.

Established in 1969, Cherng Min Enterprise Co., Ltd. is one of the most experienced Taiwanese developers and manufacturers of superior-quality ABS hub caps and many other plastic electro-plated auto accessories such as mirror covers (including chrome-plated), door handle covers, tailgate handle cov... Full Story

Published: 2014/09/30

Tele Long Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Electronic components and parts,including switches, sockets, circuit breakers,connectors,plugs,jacks, adapters,fuse holders,RF connectors(BNC, TNC,SMA,SMB,MCX...)

Established in 1986 and based in southern Taiwan’s Tainan City, Tele Long Enterprise Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing a variety of electronic components and parts for audio, video, computer, and telecommunications products. Working constantly for sustainability, the firm has built up a sound ... Full Story

Published: 2014/09/30

Chen Way Machinery Co., Ltd.
Continuous type blow molding machines, accumulator die head type blow molding machines, auxiliary equipment

Chen Way Machinery Co. was founded in 1990 and specializes in making blow molding machines and related auxiliary equipment, with a modern factory spread over 2,500 square meters in Tainan City, southern Taiwan. The company’s product line includes accumulator die head blow molding machines, conti... Full Story

Published: 2014/09/30

Mag City Co., Ltd.
Magnets, magnetic materials, magnet assemblies

Founded in 1990, Mag City Co., Ltd. has grown into a veteran specialist in the development and production of a wide array of magnets and magnetic- application products mainly on OEM/ODM basis. The ISO 9001: 2000-certified company currently has an annual production capacity of 50,000 metric tons ... Full Story

Published: 2014/09/30

Tale-I Trading Co., Ltd.
Truck and bus parts, truck chassis parts, air springs, shock absorbers, shafts, water pipes, air springs, seat control valves

Tale-I Trading Co., Ltd. is a seasoned supplier of a comprehensive range of parts and accessories for heavy-duty vehicles, mainly trucks, buses, trailers, and military vehicles. The trading company was founded in 1997 by four veterans in the business, who initially focused on importing and vending... Full Story

Published: 2014/09/30

Chan Wei Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Trolley tracks & chains, conveyor sprockets and chains, conveyor rollers, conveyor attachments

Since its establishment in 1983, Chan Wei Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to making conveyor systems and parts for more than three decades as a veteran manufacturer with high global profile. Driven by commitment to customer satisfaction, this maker focuses on continuous improvement of ma... Full Story

Published: 2014/09/30

Comfort Lighting Inc.
Touch lamps, pendant lamps, track lamps, other lamps, and lighting electronics

Found in 1979, Comfort Lighting Inc. supplies OEM/ODM-based touch lamps, pendant lamps, track lamps, desk lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, wall lamps, and lighting electronics produced at its factories in Taipei, northern Taiwan, and Zhuhai, mainland China. The company has built up a self-sufficie... Full Story

Published: 2014/09/30

Fukuno Seiki Co., Ltd.
CNC vertical machining centers and CNC lathes

Fukuno Seiki Co., Ltd. is a contract supplier of machine tools, specializing in midsize CNC vertical machining centers and CNC lathes outfitted with spindles having a maximum through-hole diameter of nine inches. Its machines are designed for industries including car making, aircraft manufacturing,... Full Story

Published: 2014/09/30

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