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These are in-depth pre- and post-show reports on major international trade fairs, held in Taiwan and other countries with significant participation by Taiwanese manufacturers and exporters. They are offered to help global buyers and other readers better understand what is going on at the fairs and the latest offerings by Taiwanese exhibitors.

CENS.com Gets First-Hand Biz News at 43rd CIFF in Guanzhou for Furniture Industry</h2>

CENS.com Gets First-Hand Biz News at 43rd CIFF in Guanzhou for Furniture Industry

Apr 01, 2019

The 43rd China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) in Guangzhou kicked off on March 28 and is slated to last until the 31st at the China Import and Export Fair exhibition hall. The fair is Asia’s largest furniture manufacturing event, boasting the most diverse selections of areas and categories to browse from. This year saw over 4,300 companies exhibiting at CIFF, featuring 12 large-scale pavilio...

Taiwanese furniture parts makers aims for niches by tapping higher-end segments.

Metal Furniture Parts Makers in Taiwan Create Blue Oceans

Taiwanese suppliers target high-end niches to battle low-end competition

Dec 16, 2016

With their advanced manufacturing technology, skilled workers, and a strong global reputation for quality and on-time delivery, Taiwanese metal furniture parts makers have plenty of reasons for optimism in their showdown with emerging rivals from mainland China and Southeast Asia. Even though the global competition has become increasingly harsh over the decade, a few domestic companies are car...

Taiwan's parts suppliers in the furniture industry mostly depend on persistently solid market demand for office furniture.

A Glimpse of Taiwan's Office Furniture Parts Makers Faring Well

Quality and innovation are bread and butter for insiders

Nov 21, 2016

In the OA furniture parts sector, Taiwanese makers’ attention and devotion to R&D and quality have helped to sustain their businesses for the past few decades. Interviewing the following three OA chair parts makers confirm an inextricable link exists between their gung-ho attitudes toward product innovation and quality, the future and current achievements in the line. Chern Shing Top Co., Ltd....

Taiwan boasts a large number of globally competitive manufacturers of furniture parts, to enjoy solid presence in the global furniture supply chain.

Taiwanese Furniture Parts Suppliers Take on Economic Uncertainty with Different Strategies

Jun 24, 2016

Despite global economic uncertainties, most of Taiwanese furniture parts makers have yet to slow their pursuit of sustainable development through improving production capability and product quality to win trust from global buyers. The following sums up three manufacturers noted for consistent efforts on sharpening competitive edges differently. Liang Harng One supplier who competes well ...

Deep seating sofas are widely used in outdoor spaces.

Lines Between Indoor and Outdoor Furnishings Are Blurred in the U.S.

Global Industry Analysts Inc. says U.S. outdoor furniture market to exceed US$5 billion by 2017

Aug 13, 2015

Outdoor furniture was once generally regarded as inexpensive furnishings with monotonous, frumpy styles and often distasteful tones, but no longer. Today alfresco furniture can have the same features as indoor furniture, mostly thanks to ever more consumers' changing lifestyles and entertaining habits, which inspire them to turn outdoor spaces into living areas as lavish, relaxing as indoor space...

A giant chair greets visitors at the entry to the Tainan Furniture Museum.

Tainan Furniture Museum Looks at an Industry in Transition

Tainan Furniture Museum has teamed up with Yung Shing subsidiaries to arrange a variety of cultural programs and exhibitions

Feb 09, 2015

By Michelle Hsu The Tainan Furniture Museum, transformed from an idle furniture factory of Yung Shing Furniture Company, is the first private eco-themed furniture museum in Taiwan. Based in southern Taiwan, the museum's mission is to display and educate the public about Taiwan's furniture industry. Wood furniture maker Yung Shing began to shift the focus of its manufacturing operations to s...

Lifestyle, a US-registered furniture company, made its inaugural appearance at Taiwan's furniture show this year.

Lifestyle Sells Sofas in Volume and Prices Like Coca-Cola

Formerly successful furniture maker in Taiwan aims to enter Greater China market

Oct 14, 2014

By MICHELLE HSU Lifestyle, a US-registered furniture company, made an inaugural appearance at Taiwan’s furniture show this year. Taiwanese consumers likely have never heard of the firm but its owner William Hsieh is known in Taiwan’s furniture industry. Hsieh's furniture empire in Taiwan flopped to force him to restart his trade in the USA where he prospered, and aims to via the trade fair th...

Dan Ihreborn introduces Swedish simplicity in interior design as a solution to the simple but functional furniture setting for small and mini-apartments.

TIFS Seminar Explores Furniture Trends for Solitary Living

Today's tiny apartments with single residents need furniture specially designed for them

Jun 20, 2014

By MICHELLE HSU Ever since the Japanese management scholar Kenichi Ohmae published his book “One-person Economy,” the social trend toward a solitary lifestyle has received widespread attention. Solitary living was already common before the book was published, but Ohmae compiled relevant data systematically and aroused public interest in the phenomenon. In his book, Ohmae offers this stateme...

Foshan All Vibration has developed magnificent dining-room and living-room furniture for star-rated hotels.

Hotel Furniture Sees Promising Future in China

Manufacturers jump on the bandwagon of a fast-growing industry

Jun 11, 2014

By CARMEN LO The annual value of China's furniture market soared from about 10 billion renminbi (around US$1.67 billion) in the 1990s to 780 billion RMB (US$130 billion) in 2010, making furniture one of the top five industries in China. Today the country's furniture industry is continuing to grow at an annual rate of 20%-30%, and hotel furniture is expected to play an increasing role in that g...

Using a “creation text” to generate appeal has become fashionable in Taiwan's furniture industry.

"Narrative Design" Uses Emotional Appeal to Add Value to Furniture

Jan 22, 2014

By MICHELLE HSU Dutch designer Florentijn Hofman’s Big Yellow Duck became a hot attraction in all of the three Taiwanese harbor cities where it was displayed, and it aroused heated discussion in the cultural/creative industry. What, people asked, gives a simple-looking duck such a much-see appeal? Some designers in the industry said that it was the so-called “creation text” that drew crowds...