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These are in-depth pre- and post-show reports on major international trade fairs, held in Taiwan and other countries with significant participation by Taiwanese manufacturers and exporters. They are offered to help global buyers and other readers better understand what is going on at the fairs and the latest offerings by Taiwanese exhibitors.

Taiwan received redirected orders from the ASEAN region, resulting in an extraordinary record-breaking order amount of US$6.44 billion in April. (Photo courtesy of United Daily News Group)

ASEAN Serves as Sliver Lining to Taiwan's Continuously Shrinking Export Orders

May 24, 2023

In recent months, Taiwan experienced a decline in export orders from key trade partners including the US, China, Hong Kong, and the ASEAN region, as reported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA). However, there was a turnaround in April, when Taiwan received diverted orders from the ASEAN region, resulting in an extraordinary record-breaking order amount of US$6.44 billion. Taiwan's over...

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Giant Group seeks carbon rights for bicycle industry from EU

Oct 27, 2022

As climate change impacts the world, understanding and incorporating ESG has become a necessity. Giant Group Chairman Bonnie Tu has pointed to bicycling eventually becoming the best option for commuters due to its energy-saving advantages. Tu and other Giant Group corporate representatives attended a sustainability forum co-hosted with Commonwealth Magazine ahead of the bicycle maker's 50th an...

SinBon and Axman's co-developed electric bicycle launches at Taipei Cycle 2022.

Taipei Cycle introduces innovative IoT solutions for e-bikes

Mar 11, 2022

Taipei Cycle, which kicked off on March 9 and is scheduled to last until the 12th at Nangang Exhibition Center, SINBON Electronics is one of the few electric assistive bicycle solution suppliers in Taiwan. Together with business partner Axman Enterprise, both companies were able to showcase Taiwan's electric bike capabilities at the show in hopes of entering the global market. Axman Enterprise's ...

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Manufacturing index signals flat growth amid Omicron wave for November

Dec 30, 2021

Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER) announced the November manufacturing index on Thursday, signaling that the overall index rose by 0.14 points from 15.14 points revised last month to 15.28 points in November. The index signal, representing the state of the manufacturing index, has remained in the green index for two consecutive months now. The application of emerging technologies an...

Photo credit: Evergreen Marine Corp.

Omicron variant spooks markets: Taiwan's shipping giants pledge space for domestic demand

Nov 29, 2021

As the newest highlighted COVID-19 variant of concern, Omicron has the European region and the U.S. on high alert. In response to potential worsened snags in the global ports, the media has reported Taiwan's top four major container carriers and shipping companies -- Evergreen Marine, Yangming, Wan Hai, and T.S. Lines -- pledging to do their best in prioritizing shipping space of domestic indust...

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October exports mark 20-month consecutive growth

Nov 22, 2021

The Statistics Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs announced today (22) that the value of export orders in October closed at US$59.10 billion, a record high in the same month of the previous year, an annual increase of 14.6%, and marked a 20-month consecutive run. The department estimates that the value of export orders in November would be between USD$59 billion and USD$60.5 billio...

SEMICON Taiwan 2021 virtual seminar on smart healthcare to kick off Oct. 13 </h2>

SEMICON Taiwan 2021 virtual seminar on smart healthcare to kick off Oct. 13

Oct 12, 2021

SEMI is slated to host the SEMICON Taiwan 2021 on Oct. 13, with a focus on smart healthcare. Notable speakers from Medtronic, and onsemi, a globally-renowned medical device company that was featured two consecutive years on Fortune, and three Taiwanese smart healthcare startups JelloX Biotech, Singular Wings, and Neurobit. Topics will revolve around the market and technologies trends in the globa...

Future manufacturing plants must consider green design in light of long-term power cuts</h2>

Future manufacturing plants must consider green design in light of long-term power cuts

Oct 05, 2021

The increasing risks of China's power outages have impacted Taiwanese business operations. Chenbro Micom, a server housing manufacturer based in Dongyuan and Kunshan, Chairman Chen Mei-chi warned that companies should brace themselves, as the shortages of power and workers will become long-term issues. Chen pointed out that factories will need to consider operation designs to be as power-effic...

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Global brands signing long-term shipping contracts to bypass shipping crisis

Aug 30, 2021

An unprecedented situation is brewing in the shipping sector after over a year of supply chain issues. With port congestion, container shortages, and backed-up sea shipping, more and more companies are choosing to charter containerships long-term to bypass the logistics hurdles. The news comes after reports of TSMC chartering its own containership to ensure timely delivery of semiconductor ch...

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COVID-19 to hamper freight rates and Q4 shopping season as Chinese ports close

Aug 16, 2021

The ocean freight shipping season is entering its peak in Q3 as European and American businesses have ramped up orders to replenish inventory. However, the Delta variant-fueled COVID-19 outbreak in many parts of the world is set to exacerbate shipping congestion as major ports in China were temporarily closed. Recent news of a port worker testing positive in the Meishan terminal in China's Por...