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(File cabinets, photo courtesy of Chyn Fuh Enterprise Co., Ltd.)

Taiwan's Furniture Industry Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Oct 16, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected global and Taiwan's political and economic landscapes. Unlike some industries, the furniture sector did not escape unscathed, facing a squeeze from management and costs. While Taiwan continues to implement a stable, successful outbreak response, the industry has also misjudged the economic downturn duration. The furniture industry has yet to fully recover...

(Reference: IMM Cologne official website)

2020 imm cologne and the Furniture Industry at a Glance

Sep 07, 2020

The 2020 edition of imm cologne wrapped up on January 19, just before the COVID-19 pandemic peaked in Europe. The show saw over 128,000 visitors, as many regard imm cologne as the most important date on the industry's calendar. Among the approximate 82,000 buyers who visited the show grounds, around 50% are from outside of Germany. Expo statistics indicate that visitor numbers still saw a small g...

Furniture Industry Was Hit Hard by Coronavirus</h2>

Furniture Industry Was Hit Hard by Coronavirus

Mar 30, 2020

Due to the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the United States, many retail industries adjusted their business hours and even closed for two weeks before opening. The furniture factories listed in Taiwan such as Shengsheng, Jisheng, Shangyi, and Kestar were affected. The industry pointed out that this wave of epidemic will cause the furniture industry to freeze operations, in addition...

Industry In-Focus

Taiwanese furniture parts makers aims for niches by tapping higher-end segments.

Metal Furniture Parts Makers in Taiwan Create Blue Oceans

Taiwanese suppliers target high-end niches to battle low-end competition

Dec 16, 2016

With their advanced manufacturing technology, skilled workers, and a strong global reputation for quality and on-time delivery, Taiwanese metal furniture parts makers have plenty of reasons for optimism in their showdown with emerging rivals from mainland China and Southeast Asia. Even though the global competition has become increasingly harsh over the decade, a few domestic companies are car...

Taiwan's parts suppliers in the furniture industry mostly depend on persistently solid market demand for office furniture.

A Glimpse of Taiwan's Office Furniture Parts Makers Faring Well

Quality and innovation are bread and butter for insiders

Nov 21, 2016

In the OA furniture parts sector, Taiwanese makers’ attention and devotion to R&D and quality have helped to sustain their businesses for the past few decades. Interviewing the following three OA chair parts makers confirm an inextricable link exists between their gung-ho attitudes toward product innovation and quality, the future and current achievements in the line. Chern Shing Top Co., Ltd....

Taiwan boasts a large number of globally competitive manufacturers of furniture parts, to enjoy solid presence in the global furniture supply chain.

Taiwanese Furniture Parts Suppliers Take on Economic Uncertainty with Different Strategies

Jun 24, 2016

Despite global economic uncertainties, most of Taiwanese furniture parts makers have yet to slow their pursuit of sustainable development through improving production capability and product quality to win trust from global buyers. The following sums up three manufacturers noted for consistent efforts on sharpening competitive edges differently. Liang Harng One supplier who competes well ...

Supplier News

(Photo courtesy of Ho Shuan Enterprise Co., Ltd.)

Ho Shuan is Your Choice for Educational Furniture and More

Oct 16, 2020

Insisting that its customers are always a top priority, Ho Shuan Enterprise Co., Ltd.'s R&D team provides the best educational furniture and peripherals, computer tables, and desks to meet all customer requirements. Established in 1986, Ho Shuan has experienced recent sluggish local market performance, but eventually rebounded and came back better than ever. Despite difficulties, the firm neve...


(S16-M01 Short Swivel-Handle Cabinet, photo courtesy of Chyn Fuh Enterprise)

Chyn Fuh: A Quality OA Metal Furniture Maker

Oct 16, 2020

Chyn Fuh Enterprise, founded in 1993, entered the market with the sole aim of offering other OA metal furniture options for customers. Since its inception, Chyn Fuh has focused on designing and producing OA metal furniture, providing various office use products, including file cabinets, storage cabinets, office desks, and different assistive metal products. Chyn Fuh partook in many government ...


(Photo courtesy of Wire Master Industry Co., Ltd.)

Vigorous Innovation Puts Wire Master at the Top

Sep 07, 2020

In the face of fierce international competition and pressed by increasing costs, Wire Master Industry is set on improving product quality and continuous innovation to bolster its competitiveness and stay ahead of the market. The firm works with same-minded clients that put as much importance on quality as them, which strengthens long-term collaboration on both sides. Founded in 1976 in Pitou T...


Insiders' Views

Chen Chang-hsiu, chairman of Formosa Design center, assumed the chairmanship of Taiwan Furniture Manufacturers' Association (TFMA) at the beginning of this year.

TFMA Seeks to Revitalize Taiwan's Furniture Industry

Industry association is forming a cross-business strategic alliance to create a platform for resource integration

Feb 09, 2015

By Michelle Hsu Founded in 1973, the Taiwan Furniture Manufacturers Association (TFMA) has witnessed Taiwan's furniture industry through its ups and downs. Today, the association faces new challenges in its mission to help local furniture makers adapt to changing business conditions and stay competitive. "With the furniture industry starting to revive from the downturn that started with...

Shake Shake Duck transforms into a rocking chair, making it no longer only a static chair.

Cultural Exposition Showcases Creativity of Furniture Design

This expo aimed to boost cultural/creative vitality by highlighting localization and infusing energy into cultural enterprises

Jan 21, 2014

By MICHELLE HSU The Taiwan International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo, organized by the Ministry of Culture since 2010, is now in its 4th iteration. During its short life the expo has strived to turn “creative ideas” into “commercial value” and play the role of a platform for communication between original creators and industry, making the abstract nature of culture more concrete and ex...

Welltrust's metal furniture comes in a colorful array of light and bright colors.

Taiwan-made Metal Furniture Shapes to New Lifestyles

Manufacturers adapt to the mobile generation

Dec 17, 2013

Exports of metal furniture from Taiwan have held steady despite market fluctuations, underscoring the global competitiveness of the domestic industry. Metal is more flexible than many other furniture materials, such as wood, rattan, glass, and plastics, making it well-suited to making furniture a variety of shapes. Metal parts are also commonly used to complement other materials in furniture....

Exhibition Highlights

FURNITURE CHINA 2020 To Offer Digital Sourcing Under The New Normality</h2>

FURNITURE CHINA 2020 To Offer Digital Sourcing Under The New Normality

Aug 14, 2020

With the year 2020 announces its entrance, new revolution overwhelmed the mode that most businesses used to be run upon, physical activities are being transformed into virtual ones, under this new trend, the exhibition industry is showing its resilience towards adversity to fit in this new normality. Travel bans and flights suspensions caused by the pandemic have imposed huge obstacle in foreign ...



Sep 25, 2019

Reinventing lifestyles and smart designs at March 6-9 opener KUALA LUMPUR, Sep 18: Next year’s Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF) is already generating a lot of buzz among exhibitors as they will be the first to showcase their latest products to global buyers when the trade show kicks off the 2020 Asia season. The exciting prospect of getting in front of the competition to im...

Insights into Asia's Hardware Industry — Three major driving forces behind 2019 China International Hardware Show</h2>

Insights into Asia's Hardware Industry — Three major driving forces behind 2019 China International Hardware Show

Aug 02, 2019

The China International Hardware Show (CIHS) is the leading hardware show in Asia and the second largest in the world, organised by Koelnmesse and China National Hardware Association (CNHA). For 18 years it continuously develops its platform for domestic and international customers, taking into account the latest technologies, strengthening global cooperation and gaining an international reputati...

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Jason Auto-Machinery Co., Ltd.</h2><p class='subtitle'>Combination jointers and planers, slider-rail assembly machines, brake cable & steel rope welding machines</p>

Jason Auto-Machinery Co., Ltd.

Combination jointers and planers, slider-rail assembly machines, brake cable & steel rope welding machines

Jun 24, 2016

Jason Auto-Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987 by its owner Mr. Jason, who was originally inspired to pursue a career in machining while in an internship course during his school years, where he was awestruck by a cutter on a lathe that shaped a rotating iron bar into a fluted workpiece or ball-tipped cylinder. Such deeply-etched impression sparked his curiosity ever since to, also due to ind...


Ho Shuan Enterprise Co., Ltd.</h2><p class='subtitle'>Flipper tables, teacher desks, whiteboards, functional units, student desks, childhood furniture</p>

Ho Shuan Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Flipper tables, teacher desks, whiteboards, functional units, student desks, childhood furniture

Jun 24, 2016

Insisting that customers are always our first priority, we provide the best possible functional and Modular workstations and equipment storages to fulfill all customer requirements. Our business goal is to create lucrative business opportunities for and share profits with our customers. Established in 1986, Ho Shuan Enterprise Co., Ltd. has experienced and devotes in OEM and ODM markets after ye...


Tung Yu O.A. Co., Ltd.</h2><p class='subtitle'>Office chair components</p>

Tung Yu O.A. Co., Ltd.

Office chair components

Dec 04, 2015

Tung Yu O.A. Co., Ltd., founded in 1986, is a leading manufacturer of office chair components in Taiwan, being known for products boasting multi-functionality. The company’s products, including synchronizing mechanism, self-weighing mechanism, tilt mechanism, seat slider, and back bar, feature ergonomic and safety-oriented designs. Its SN89 synchronizing mechanism, for instance, allows the ...