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Industry Reports

Taiwanese garden tool makers ride market trends by launching different products that meet ever-changing demand.

Taiwan's Garden Tool Makers Stick to Market-driven R&D

Aug 05, 2016

Bolstered by consummate production capability and ample practices, Taiwan’s garden tool manufacturers have enjoyed a prominent status in the global market for some years. Some of them even stand taller than most peers because of their strong concentration on R&D driven by market trends. As global economic fluctuations, social changes and technology advancement have gradually changed consumer b...

Taiwan capably offers most of necessary hardware products and fittings for home and garden improvement. (photo courtesy of Massoud & Bros. and Kenswell Tube Forming)

Taiwan Supplies Wide-ranging Hardware and Fittings for Home and Garden Improvement

Plumbing hardware and locks provide striking examples of Taiwan's strong presence in the global supply chain

Aug 23, 2015

To create comfortable, relaxing and lavish living spaces in homes and gardens, a wide spectrum of instruments, fittings and hardware products are needed; and Taiwan could be the best source of those products, given its high manufacturing reputation and considerable number of well-established local suppliers who have been well recognized by professional buyers worldwide for strong commitment to cu...

Industry In-Focus

Taiwanese garden tool makers continue to engage in developing high-end products.

Taiwan Garden Tool Makers Continue to Develop Cutting-edge Products

One maker aims to satisfy market demand for premium, easy-to-use items

Feb 21, 2017

Known as the "Kingdom of Hand Tools," Taiwan has long been the world's major supplier of general hand tools, and now some makers on the island are taking aim at the high-end market. With the help of industry and government-backed institutions, such as the Metal Industrial Research & Development Center and Taiwan Regional Hand Tools Association, Taiwanese hand tool makers have been upgrading to...

Gardening product production makes up a significant part of Taiwan's hardware industry.

Taiwanese Gardening Product Makers Pursue Sustainable Growth with Different Strategies

Makers generally resort to R&D as means to stay competitive

Jun 17, 2016

Garden tools along with related accessories, which totally generate export revenue of around US$95 million on average every year, are a major contributor to overall exports by the industry of hand tools in Taiwan, with most of which have been well received by professionals and DIY in the U.S. and European countries. Despite global economic uncertainty and market fluctuations, most Taiwanese ma...

Taiwanese suppliers of garden tools and products have been reputed globally for strong R&D capabilities. (The photo of a cordless electric grass trimmer from Taiwan's Jinn Haur Industrial)

Rising Popularity of Gardening Stateside to Benefit Taiwan's Product Suppliers

Garden Trends Report 2014 confirms trend for gardening in USA

Aug 13, 2015

The U.S.-based Garden Media Group, a gardening market research firm, has issued its 2014 Garden Trends Report that pulls together findings from global market research firms, consumer media and experts within the home and garden industry to summarize several trends among consumers in the country, including growing concerns about responsible food waste management; increasing willingness to grow ed...

Supplier News

Geon Hung's SUMIO-branded pruning shears feature handles with ergonomic design to secure effort-saving operation.

Geon Hung Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Shears, Digging Tools, Cultivating Tools, Garden Tool Kits

Dec 30, 2016

Since its inception in 1976 in Taichung County, central Taiwan, Geon Hung Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been specialized in manufacturing and marketing digging tools, cultivating tools and garden tools under its own brand SUMIO worldwide. Backed by consummate designing know-how, Geon Hung also supplies on an ODM (original design manufacturing) basis. The company is in a position to supply a wide ra...

Sample of King Jaws' high-quality handsaws.

King Jaws Metal Co., Ltd.

Hand saws, drywall saws, butcher saws, PVC pipe saws, saw sets

Dec 30, 2016

Since its establishment in 1986 in Changhua County, central Taiwan, King Jaws Metal Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to manufacturing a variety of saws and marketed them under the “King Jaws” own brand. The company manufactures a wide range of saws, including hand saws, drywall saws, butcher saws, hole saws, back saws, slitting saws, bow saws, coping saws, pruning saws, wallboard saws, PVC pipe sa...

Leaven applies ultrasonic sound wave to develop the Duo Pro-Pestrepeller.

Leaven Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Pest Repellers, Motor Mole Chasers, PIR Mini Alarms

Dec 30, 2016

Since its inception in 1981 in Taipei, northern Taiwan, Leaven Enterprise Co., Ltd. has specialized in developing and manufacturing a variety of ultrasonic pest repellers for over two decades. Along with its excellent capability in R&D (research and development), Leaven has carved out its niches by rolling out a broad range of pest repellers and related innovative devices, including electronic...