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Taiwan Brand Parade

The Taiwan Brand Parade column is designed to let global buyers become better acquainted with major brands of various export industries in Taiwan, thereby helping them locate reliable Taiwan suppliers of quality products of every kind.
By browsing the column, buyers can keep at their fingertips Taiwan's quality product brands in the following industries:
 Sporting Goods > Nan Rong International Corp.




Paddlewheel aerators, shrimp feedmills, electronic harvest nets, fish cutting machines.

A leader in the fishery and seafood processing industry.


Onan Rong International Corp. was established in 1976. Under the firm's chairman, Kao Yi-tung, the company has grown from a small acquaculture manufacturer with seven employees to a reputable international leader in this field. Through the chairman's intensive efforts, Nan Rong captured 90% of the domestic market.

Oin 1984, the company began to launch its products in overseas markets and created high brand popularity by means of its after-sale services and excellent-quality products. To date, Nan Rong products have been sold on five continents and in over 60 countries.

Oin 1989, Nan Rong diversified its business range and established an affiliated company. High Won Fishery Development Corp., with its aquatic feedmill plant, plastic plant and seafood trading department, has brought Nan Rong Group's annual turnover to NT$270 million.

Okao Yi-tung was granted the ROC's Youth Medal of Business Foundation in 1988, and was the youngest person at that time to receive this award.

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