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Chung Cheng Scissors Co., founded in 1958 in Changhua County, central Taiwan, has been dedicated to production of garden cutting tools as one of the most experienced domestic makers in line.
Few are on par with Chung Cheng in the line, as the company, with over half a century of devotion, has accumulated unparalleled production capability and know-how about garden cutting tools. The company supplies a wide range of gardening tools, including fruit prunes, garden shears, flowers, telescopic long reach prunes, long arm grass shears, saws and multifunctional snips.Drawing on its seasoned expertise to keep honing competitiveness in the ever-changing market, the company has also built a solid name as a trustworthy, time-tested ODM in the line, with a significant presence in the global supply chains over the past decades.


花剪/草剪, 園藝用剪刀, 修枝剪, 伸縮枝剪

公司名稱: 崇成工廠股份有限公司