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Jiin Haur Industrial Co., Ltd. Was founded by mr. Shyh Biau Wu in 1977. With more than 28 years of experience in scissors manufacuring, Jiin Haur has earned several patents. Mr. Wu has led the corporation to actively engage in the R&D and manufacture of horticultural tools, such as long-reach pruners, pruning shears, grass shears, tool racks, drop-forged pruners, and battery-powered motor-operated shears and cordless screwdriver.


修枝剪, 園藝用剪刀, 修枝鋸, 修剪機, 電動螺絲起子, 伸縮枝剪, PRAISE園藝工具, LED登山杖, 折疊伸縮化粧鏡含杯子(金屬鍍鉻), 可旋轉掛勾含置物杯, 掛勾, 可調整直條掛勾, 可承受重力之掛勾

公司名稱: 錦豪工業有限公司