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As the name, New Bud is a newly established company who is separated from its mother company, the latter was established from April 1986 and starts to manufacture full lines of Bronze Faucet and its accessories. Taking the advantage of experience and knowledge of before, furthermore plus putting strength of professional designers, we have very soon developed and created a series of good quality brass connectors, revolving and oscillating sprinklers, then various sprayer guns, water wands. …etc. 3 years ago.
More investment has been taken due to the rapidly expanded business in 1995. We divided our business into 2 portions, kept all the bronze business in old area and moved all the plastic injection facility to our new plant, where is 15 minutes from the office and 25,750 sq feet in total.

To create our own good reputation with hi-end products we have strong support from our 80 capable workers and all kinds of precision producing equipment to manufacture the best and top quality products. Also under serious quality control system during every step of producing makes every product be shipped out from our factory is “Zero Defective”.

We truly believed that satisfying customers are most important for a company’s expanding and growing. With the past years experience in Brass line, We has won good name and trust from most of clients in various field, just because of our basic principle - “serve clients’ demand”. Up to now we have been shipping our products throughout the world, such as Orbit, Nelson, Melnor in USA, Unflex, Coop Italy, Velex in Italy. Meister, Lidl and Rehau in Germany. Westwoods, Argos, Cannon and Wickes in UK.
Being a technical and professional manufacturer for years, New Bud is specially set up currently for developing and introducing our own newly designed quality products to customers. The new product we are recommending you is the latest and unique item in the market. Nevertheless, any proposal or demand for sole agent in local are negotiable. We are looking forward to your inquiry, please contact us immediately without any hesitation The OEM and ODM business are most welcomed.
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園藝工具, 灑水器, 噴頭, 銅接頭, 塑膠接頭, 銅類OEM, 水槍, 銅接管, 塑膠接頭, 零組件OEM/ODM


外銷市場: 全球
公司類型: 製造商
公司名稱: 秀福銅器股份有限公司