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D&D Builders Hardware Co., a Taiwanese company formed around two decades ago, have distributed their products directly and indirectly to many well-known international companies.

Due to these cooperation opportunities, D&D has been involved in various professional processing areas, such as stamping, forging, die casting, extrusion, CNC machining, plastic injection, rubber, and molding. This has enabled them to accumulate rich experience in OEM and ODM manufacturing, receiving good quality control and quality assurance know-how at an international level. Customers are guaranteed to receive products that are completely made in Taiwan. Also, clients can request brand logo services on the product.

One of D&D's best-selling products is the SLIDEback, a device that does not require electrified connection, yet makes the door operate in an electric-style automatic function, bringing the door closed automatically in a soft-close method.

The latest new version - 6 Series SLIDEback can be mounted on the frameless glass door, metal door, aluminum door, barn door, wooden door and other special doors, allowing the door to close or open at all times. D&D highly welcomes order inquiries and encourages potential buyers to contact them at DDSALES@dnd.com.tw, +886-4-2479 6669, or visit them at www.DND.com.tw


門窗五金, 衛浴, 把手, 鎖類, 塑膠及電子相關產業

公司名稱: 登頂企業有限公司
地址: 408004 台中市南屯區黎明路一段362-32號
電話: 886-4-2479-6669
傳真: 886-4-2256-9390
網址: www.dnd.com.tw