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Gerious Co. Ltd was established in 2014 for chemical trading business. In 2016, the company decided to expand the business model by taking over the family business, which is a professional in manufacturing steering and suspension replacement parts such as forklifts, agricultural tractors, ATVs, and snowmobiles. Based on the company’s 24-year manufacturing experience, the factory is able to produce goods in high qualities, yet under a competitive price tag, especially the OEM parts for ATVs power sport have become the highest standard representative and have owned high portion market share in the U.S. All products are Made in Taiwan only which as known as the best quality in the joint parts field.

Gerious auto parts business has collected a large number of sales in North America, Europe, and Japan, having earned a high reputation from them due to the company’s insistence on providing the best quality OEM services. In addition to the provision of joint parts trading and in response to the specific needs of customers, all parts can also be OEM and ODM with a 2-year-warranty. The company also provide all kinds of test reports including durability, hardness, and debris to ensure delivery of the best qualified products to its customers.

The company provides a complete package of products with the best quality, the most competitive price, and high-efficiency deliveries.


搖臂, 轉向系統零件, 轉向機拉桿球頭總成, 側拉桿球頭總成, 方向機內拉桿球頭總成, 橫拉桿, 方向機副軸, 惰臂, 方向機主軸, 拉桿, 球頭, 懸掛系統零件, 控制臂, 三角架, 懸掛球接頭


公司名稱: 鉅秝有限公司
地址: 114065 台北市內湖區新湖二路367號3樓之10
電話: 886-2-27961757
網址: www.cens.com/gerious