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Kai Zhi Enterprise Co., Ltd. has accumulated several decades of experience as a manufacturer of carburetors and repair kits for a variety of vehicles and machinery.

The company’s products cover not only carburetors and repair kits, but also camshafts, pistons for fuel-sending units, piston sets, intake housing, intake valves, needle seat assemblies, brass needle valves, idle mixtures, PWK carburetors, and carburetor kits, mostly for automobiles, agricultural machinery, snowmobiles, outbound engines, lawn mowers, generators, and wood sawing machines. It also specializes in CNC lathing.


模片, 修理包, 凸輪軸心, 浮桶活塞, 活塞組, 進氣集管, 進氣閥片, 各機種針座組, 銅頭主油針, 慢速各機種油嘴, PWK化油器, 專業自動車床CNC加工, 汽機車/農機, 船外機化油器零件修理包

公司名稱: 凱致企業社