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Who We Are:
TEDSCO Inc. is a reliable manufacturer and exporter of automotive products. We have been serving customers all around the world with top quality engine parts for Japanese, European, American and all kind of Heavy duty applications.

What We Have:
Based on over 20 years experience and knowledge of the aftermarket:

In 2016, we are honor to be the manufacturers' representative of 4 main auto part manufacturers in Taiwan, and proud to provide the best warranties with quality in the industry, our high quality auto parts are manufactured to ensure durability and reliability, and are fit to the challenge!

We also have our own privade brandline“FMX & FMDiesel” in order to offer products that combine quality with competitive price.

What We Can Help With:
-Fully Operational Sales
-Comprehensive product range
-Fully support for engine parts need
-Premium Quality & Service
-Professional Technical Advice
-Reliable outsource supplier



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公司名稱: 耀隆實業有限公司