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HSIN JUI HARDWARE, established in 1980, is a manufacturer specialized in producing cold forging special parts and customer-oriented products, product usage across the automotive parts, building bushing, unique doors and windows eccentric fits, bicycle parts and spur gear fit and so on, the reputation of quality is well-known worldwide.

In the early stage, General Manager Alan Hsu, with limited capital and equipment as well as his unlimited creativity and previous experience in his career life. He set the cold-forging as the core competency, has expanded the skills and knowledge on the forging techniques, built up a strong base for HSIN JUIi’s cold forging technique and led the company to create its unique position in professional manufacturing of special parts. In 2017, HSIN JUI has also certified in ISO/TS 16949, which is a new milestone for the quality management.

Times keep changing, so do customers’ demands. HSIN JUI gradually expands the tooling development and processing team, accumulated the design experience through the years, providing fastest response to customer’s need or suggestion reducing the production cost. Furthermore, adding up tapping and turning sectors, one-stop process line offers the guests the most stable quality.

Three elements that support HSIN JUI to move forward are continuous R&D of distinctive tooling designs, precision, and better quality of products, all which help create the most significant value for customers. Hsin Jui will continue to offer more advanced and high-quality products and service in the future.

Capital: 0.7 Million USD
Representative: Allen Hsu, GM.
Product usage: Automotive parts, windows / door fits, bicycle parts, spur gear.
Production range:

Length: 3mm to 100mm.
Diameter: Φ5mm to Φ59mm.
Material: Carbon steel, Aluminum, Stainless steel / Nickel (only rivet or small parts)
Factory Address: 51 Ding Hu 1st St, Gueishan, Taoyuan, Taiwan.

Striving for precision and compliance to customers’ demands.
Providing highest quality products is our commitment.

Company History
1980 HSINJUI established in Taipei, Taiwan
1981 Factory expanded and relocated to New Taipei City.
1982 Set new goals from special rivet to special, customize-oriented parts.
2006 Certified to ISO 9001.
2013 Factory expanded and relocated to Tao Yuan City.
2017 Certified to TS-16949 (IATF no. 0262529).
2018 Certified to IATF-16949:2016 (IATF no. 0324333).


螺帽, 鉚釘, 螺栓, 其他緊固件


公司名稱: 欣瑞五金企業有限公司
地址: 333 桃縣龜山鄉鄉頂湖一街51號
電話: 886-3-318-2955
傳真: 886-3-318-5753
網址: www.hsinjui.com.tw