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Based on the various experience since 1973 in different kinds of materials, production methods, and surface treatments with high level of quality requirement, Majesty-Tech is the professional OEM/ODM supplier covering the work for our customers from AUTOCAD/SolidWorks drawings, moulding, sampling, production, and quality control with highly favorable comments on efficiency and reliability. We offer parts & components made by plastic injection, investment (lost wax) casting, powder metallurgy, CNC machining, die casting, forging, extrusion, punching/stamping, foaming, and welding with finishing treatment such as grinding, polishing, laser engraving, blackening, anodizing, electroplating, powder coating, and electrodeposition coating.


鍛造品, 鑄造品, 鉚釘, 螺絲, 螺帽, 鍛件及沖壓件, 粉末冶金另件, 加工/代工服務, OEM塑膠零配件, OEM橡膠零配件, 衝壓, 壓鑄, 沖床/車床/沖壓加工製品, 機器金屬零件加工, 電鍍加工, 機械加工/代工服務, 金屬零配件, 塑膠零配件, 馬達, 精密塑膠另件, 金屬零件

公司名稱: 台崴科技有限公司