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Established some 16 years ago, Glimpse, headquartered in Taiwan’s central county of Changhua, a hub of local manufacturing, is a seasoned product designer whose time-tested capability is recognized, trusted by clients from different sectors in Taiwan, including hand and gardening tools, kitchenware, stationery, bicycle, auto and motor parts, electronics etc.

Specifically Glimpse manages the coordination of a framework for R&D projects, discussing promotional strategies and market information with foreign buyers as well as production methodologies with manufacturers. Boasting 16-year experience, Glimpse can precisely turn buyers’ needs into feasible designs that are consumer-sensitive and market-adapted.

Glimpse’s longtime dedication to R&D and role as designer position itself ideally to be a groundbreaking provider of “packaged R&D solutions,” which would generate more business opportunities for former clients, Taiwanese manufacturers, and avail foreign buyers to more competitive prices and broader product ranges.


產品設計, 創新開發, 生產製造, 非電動手工具, 數位產品, 汽機車零配件及週邊產品, 園藝工具及週邊產品, 文具及辦公事務用品, 居家生活用品, 戶外及休閒用品, 寵物及嬰兒用品, 醫療相關產品, 安全及門禁保全系統


員工數: 5
公司成立年: 1992
生產模式: OEM 委託代工 , ODM 設計加工, OBM 自有品牌
外銷市場: 全球
資本額 (美金): 2 Million
公司類型: 製造商, 設計及研發服務, 貿易公司
優勢利基: Through Glimpse framework , you can earn market .
Through Glimpse framework , you only need one step .
Through Glimpse framework , you can reduce pay .
公司名稱: 照渝產品創意設計