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As a well established and organized supplier, especially in Cutting tools, Tool holders and accessories in Taiwan. We have a good reputation of wide range of products, which are with excellent quality and competitive prices. We are also proud of our outstanding R&D capability of new products developing.
"Nine9" Boring and Cutting Tools provide accurate, high productive and dependable operations. All tools are under strictly quality control with inspection during manufacturing and also got many patents in Taiwan, Japan, USA and Germany.
"Reva" tool holder and accessories include BT/DIN/CAT tool holders, spring collets, pull studs, VDI tool holders, drill chucks, Vise and tool room accessories. All products are produced according to industrial standard to meet requirement of machining industries. Normally we prepare the buffer stock of all units so as to satisfy customers’ demand immediately.

Our advantage is always offering prompt service and short delivery time. We value mutually beneficial relationships with productivity, reliability and flexibility to make business growth and achieve win-win long term business relationship.


治具, 夹具, 切削工具, 刀具夹头, 工件夹具, 刀具量测

公司名称: 竣贸国际股份有限公司