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After 41 years of business, we have successfully become the pumps manufacturing leader in Taiwan. We have consistently and will continue to offer completed services from designing, marketing, production and quality assurance. Our customer base includes distributors, engineering firms and OEMs, for both standard and special design requirements. Many of our customers who have come to us with their design specifications have been satisfied with our service, quality and price.

We hope to establish good business relationships through the use of our products. Feel free to review all of our products on our webpage. We encourage any size orders; please contact us by fax or email. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.


工业用泵, 家用泵浦, 商业用泵浦, 沉水泵浦, 喷雾机, 加压机, 抽水机, 加压马达, 水平多段离心式泵浦, 直立浸水式泵浦


公司名称: 大井泵浦工业股份有限公司
地址: 252 新北市三芝区后厝里大片头83-14号
电话: 886-2-2636-1123~7
传真: 886-2-8635-2660
网址: www.walrus.com.tw