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Doplas Enterprise Co., founded in 1995, is one of Taiwan’s leading manufacturers of various kinds of plastic extruders, operating a plant in Tainan County, southern Taiwan with a land area of 19,800 square feet.
At present, the company’s major product lines include plastic-waste recycling machines, high-speed blown film making machines, LDPE/PE/ABS sheet-making machines, two-stage venting recycling machines, strapping tape making machines. The company is capable of rolling out 50 to 60 machines per year.
The company says its machinery products feature high productivity, laborsaving, long durability, and easy operation, and are sold under its own brand of ”DOPLAS”
At present, more than 90% of the firm’s total output is exported, mainly to Latin America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.


押出机, 吹袋机, 废料回收机, 制粒机, 废袋回收机.


员工数: 6
公司成立年: 1995
生产模式: OBM 自有品牌
外销比例: 95%
外销市场: 中东, 欧洲, 非洲, 亚洲, 中南美
公司类型: 制造商, 出口商
优势利基: 自有设计,创新能力
公司名称: 都晟实业有限公司
地址: 710 台南市七股区康榔里29之36号
电话: 886-6-789-5202
传真: 886-6-789-5227
网址: www.dp-extruder.com.tw