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Early in 1980, Syn Yao Enterprise Co., Ltd., Set up her forming metal hardware production with sophisticated workmanship and brand-new machine tools. For years' factory practice, We not only consistently develop in mechanical performance but also improve production quality all the time. With the business attitude, we build good relationship with both domestic and overseas buyers. We are ISO 9002 approved firm in 1999. All ISO system are well followed and strictly done in our production practice; from material incoming, quality production on going, as well as shipment out-going. Punctually deliver quality goods to the buyers is the topmost motto we try to do, and we are doing so.

There are company brief:
Established :1980
Capital :USD3,000,000
Employee :250
Factory Space :110,000 sq.f.
Turnover :USD10,000,000.00

Machinery List:
Forming Machine:60 sets
Spring Machine:15 sets
Rolling Machine: 40 sets
Press Machine: 80 sets
Auto. Spot Welding M/C: 40 sets
Auto. Tapping M/C :15 sets

Our metal forming products are other than continuous press stamping which cannot complete parts within one process. It is steel wire & strip with multidirectional processing, especially good for irregular metal forming while the continuous press can not do it in one step. Combined with automatic welding, stamping, tapping, riveting, ourforming metal production varies in different industrial usage: hardware, terminal, switch, toy, gift, machinery, automobile...etc. We are professional manufacturer in making clips, hooks, spring metal pieces. We can do precision forming products and accept any size processing to meet various requirements from clients.



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公司名称: 升耀企业股份有限公司
地址: 248 新北市五股工业区五权五路23号
电话: 886-2-2299-7171
传真: 886-2-2299-7177
网址: www.asynyao.com