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VTECH MOTOR Co., LTD. was established in Dec. of 2003, located in Hsinchu County, Taiwan; Mainly producing various automotive and motorcycle FUEL PUMP, Motors, and FUEL SENDING UNIT; Currently supplies FUEL PUMP to TOYOTA / HOTAI Group, FORD Motor, Mazda, and Daihatsu in service parts OES and BRP Rotax OEM supply system; Our Join Venture Mother company is called Chi- Hua Fitness Co., LTD.
(stock no.: 1593)- is striving in the Design, Research & Development of Generator brakes and Motors, and has German, American, and Japanese national patents;
Since its foundation, VTECH MOTOR was actively engaged in penetration of global markets, new model development, and searching for better materials and suppliers to provide customers with more professional & effective services; We received the local market's support and approval and will stand here, expand Taiwan's international quality level of producing motors overseas and creating value for global competition;
Currently, VTECH MOTOR had automatically rotor production line, our main products include Fuel pumps and Radiator fan motors ... etc; Brushless Motors and B/S Reducing Motors are in our new developing projects.


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公司名称: 维特马达股份有限公司
地址: 30346新竹县湖口乡和兴村德兴路231号
电话: 886-3-599-0895
传真: 886-3-599-1527
网址: www.vtechmotor.com.tw