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With over 30 years of experience, Function Electric Inc. specializes in developing and manufacturing all kinds of high-quality, durable switches for automobiles (including performance-tuning switches), forklifts, watercrafts, heavy-duty and special-purpose vehicles.

The company’s main products include engine, push-button, rocker, push/pull, headlamp, window, ignition starter, battery isolation, direction-signal light, toggle, emergency switches, and high-end switch control panels for automotive performance applications.

Known for developing and innovating newer and better switches, Function Electric offers over 500 models. With high quality, durability as well as reasonable prices, the switches are popular with global customers, who also praise the maker’s service.

With a factory in Tainan, southern Taiwan, Function Electric steadily renews manufacturing and testing/inspection equipment to upgrade production efficiency and quality. And surging demand has driven the company to kick off construction of the second plant.

Function Electric claims to adopt only the best materials in production, turning out switches that are essential to effective operation of all kinds of vehicles and machines, as well as working closely with subcontractors who supply precision parts for final assembly by the company.

With abundant experience and know-how as well as strong in-house manufacturing, the maker says it is ready to offer custom-design, development and production services.


钥匙组, 巴士货车及其他重型车零配件, 堆高机零配件, 开关, 其他特殊车种零配件, 引擎电系零件, 改装车零配件, 点火开关, 按钮开关, 调光器, 车用保险丝盒, 摇柄摇头开关, 把手开关, 船舶开关, 汽车开关


公司类型: 制造商


公司名称: 丰信电机有限公司
地址: 717 台南市仁德区忠义路231号
电话: 886-6-2798228
传真: 886-6-2792622
网址: www.function-switch.com