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Ecolighting, Inc. was founded in July 21, 2008. As the semiconductor lighting technology is getting more and more mature and the increaded demands of saving global energy and solving environmental problems, we decided to integrate our ability and know-how to explore the LED lighting field.

We provide a wide range of LED lighting products. Product line contains the following:

LED Downlight
LED Gridlight
LED bulb
LED PAR series

Please don't hesitate to let us know your needs. We provide the best and will make you the best!


LED灯管, LED灯泡, LED灯具, LED灯, LED嵌灯, LED筒灯, LED隔栅灯, LED灯泡GU5.3, LED灯泡GU10, LED灯泡E11, LED灯泡E26, LED灯泡E27, LED MR16灯具, LED MR16轨道灯, LED MR16嵌壁式, LED AR111灯具(10W/ 12W/ 13W), LED AR111灯具, LED AR111轨道灯, LED T9灯管 [1ft (4.5W)/ 2ft (10W)/ 4ft (20W)], LED T9灯具, 嵌灯, 6寸 超薄筒灯 (12W 115°), 6寸 筒灯 (18W 115°), 6寸 平版筒灯 (15W 95°), 8寸 筒灯 (18W 100°), LED 镶嵌式隔栅灯 [型号 Model I/ II/ III], LED隔栅灯(节能标章), 隔栅灯, 蜡烛灯 / 球泡灯, 3W 蜡烛灯 (E14), 5W 球泡灯 (E26), 5W 球泡灯 (E27), 7.6W 球泡灯 (E26), 7.6W 球泡灯 (E27), 3W 可调光球泡灯 (E17), 5W 可调光球泡灯 (E26), 5W 可调光球泡灯 (E27), 7.6W 可调光球泡灯 (E26), 7.6W 可调光球泡灯 (E27), LED PAR灯, LED大光灯, LED帕灯, LED舞台灯具, 投光灯, LED植物生长灯, 10W PAR20 帕灯 (E26 / E27) 15° & 30, 15W PAR30 帕灯 (E26 / E27) 20°, 20W PAR38 帕灯 (E26) 15° & 25°, 20W PAR38 帕灯 (E27) 15°, LED PAR 轨道灯, LED PAR 嵌壁式, LED层板灯, 9W LED层板灯 1尺 (120°), 18W LED层板灯 2尺 (120°), 26W LED层板灯 3尺 (120°), 26W LED层板灯 4尺 (120°), LED紧急照明, 紧急照明灯, LED壁灯 (冷白 / 暖白 / 蓝 / 绿 / 红 / 黄), 壁灯


员工数: 40
公司成立年: 2008
外销比例: 85%
外销市场: 全球, 中东, 欧洲, 非洲, 亚洲, 北美, 大陆, 中南美, 澳洲/纽西兰
品牌: 绿明科技
资本额 (美金): 3,500,000
公司类型: 制造商
优势利基: * Excellent LED optics design
* Attractive outlook
* Low power consumption
* 50,000hr, 2 year warranty
专利认证: CE, FCC
公司名称: 绿明科技股份有限公司
联络人: sale@ecolighting.com.tw (sale@ecolighting.com.tw)