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Chyau Ban Machinery Co., Ltd, founded in 1987, is one of Taiwan’s most veteran manufacturers of converting tissue machine manufacturer. Based on more than 26 years of experience in mold, Chyau Ban has become a specialist manufacturer of converting tissue machines through its advanced technology. At the moment, we are innovating converting machine to increase tissue product capacity, and to produce tidy interfold and cleaning cut tissue products.

The most advantage of PAPER MILLs is continuously being utilized by Chyau Ban. Especially, Hand Towel Paper Machine- 2 ply (V Fold, Z Fold, and W Fold) in conjunction with lamination system and embossing rolls to combine 2 ply hand towel papers into one sheet.

Thanks to its effort to develop innovative in Hand Towel Paper Machine- with Lamination and Emboss System. Chyau Ban can convert 2 ply hand towel paper product to “V Fold”, “Z Fold”, and “W Fold”.Chyau Ban has won good reputation from European tissue factories in produce excellent hand towel paper machine ━ with lamination. We are highly confident that the final hand towel products greatly upgraded water absorbing capacity by going through lamination & embossing roll system.

Chyau Ban is versed in the “All-In-One System” of converting tissue machine, such as “ V Fold Facial Tissue”, “V Fold Hand Towel Paper”, ”Z Fold Hand Towel Paper”, “ W Fold Hand Towel Paper”” 1/4 & 1/8 Fold Napkin Paper”,” Multi Fold Pocket Tissue Paper”,” Toilet Rolls”, ”Kitchen Towel Rolls”, and “ Maxi Rolls” We are highly believed that we offer well-organized “ All-In-One System” for you to produce tissue products in efficiency.
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