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A specialist maker of fasteners, Masterpiece Hardware Industrial delivers standard and special items featuring solid structure, attractiveness, and cost-efficiency made with in-house centerless grinders. Since every item is made based on full understanding of joint design, application, load, geometry etc. we ensure quality products meeting all demands.

Meeting ANSI, DIN, BS and IFI standards, our line of more than 2,000 items is delivered in ready-to-display cardboard boxes, polyethylene bags, skin and blister packaging. It explains why we're a hit with companies who understand that time is money─including Wal-Mart, Target, ScrewFix Direct and B&Q.


螺丝, 螺栓, 固定器, 壁虎, 工具盒, 垫片, 垫圈, 挂勾


公司名称: 金全益股份有限公司
地址: 50545 彰化县鹿港镇鹿和路二段某旦巷 30号
电话: 886-4-777-0032
传真: 886-4-777-0302
网址: www.jcyscrews.com