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JIUHYAN (JPMC)is manufacturer and supplier of tissue machine and other related processing equipment. We have many equipment products to meet the CE authentication standard, specialized in Facial tissue machine, tissue paper machine, Multifold and Single fold hand towel machine, Facial tissue log saw & interfolder , V、N、C-fold paper hand towel converting equipment, Napkin folder, and Luncheon napkin folder. Toilet Paper/Kitchen towel rewinder, Log Cutters and Packaging equipment.

JIUHYAN (JPMC) the company's tissue paper making and converting machinery products feature the best quality, easy operation, excellent function, economical price and attractive appearance.

JIUHYAN (JPMC) can supply economical price and easy operation function. The company's tissue paper machine is very well received in the overseas markets and has been praised by its customers around the world.

» CE authentication license
We have many item of products to meet the CE authentication standard.
Issuer: SGS Taiwan LTD.
Issue Date: November, 2007


造纸整厂设备, 纸巾机械, 面纸制造机, 餐巾纸制造机, 卫生纸制造机, 纸加工设备, 餐巾纸封口包装机, 袖珍包/盒装面纸制造机, 裁纸机, 纸张分条机, 卷筒卫生纸制造机


外销市场: 全球
公司类型: 制造商
公司名称: 钜研精密机械有限公司