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CHIA LERN specializes in the design and manufacture of Precision Tungsten Steel Bar Stock Cut-off Machines.Since the establishment of the company, it has excelled in its field and exhibits stable annual growth.

It is CHIA LERN's goal to strive for perfection in the future. The company's R&D department is always innovating new products and placing higher demands on itself. Supplying its customers with what they demand is creating relationships of lasting cooperation, and consistent improvements in quality enable them to compete with changing trends. Diligence, efficiency, service and quality are what give CHIA LERN a solid grip on the Taiwan market; and these are the virtues that are bringing its products worldwide


CNC成型磨床, 工具磨床, 切割机, 真空

公司名称: 嘉论兴业有限公司