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KOWIn has researched and developed turn-key recycling plant for various materials more than 30 years of experience; also, established KOWIn lab factory.
Our lab factory is a turn-key plant, including crushing, washing, extrusion-pelletizing and waste water filtering system. KOWIn recycle various kinds of material, such as, agriculture film, drip tape, net, bottle & injection, and so on. It is in operation and production for long term.
Also, KOWIn in accompanied with the actual production in our lab factory as a basis and make education & training for our customers to achieve our highest principle "HONESTY & TRUST".
Highly welcome to visit KOWIn for more information.


塑胶回收押出制粒机, PE/PP膜袋整厂回收设备, PE/PP瓶桶整厂回收设备, 塑胶回收设备, 塑胶破碎, PET 瓶整厂回收设备, PVC 整厂回收设备, PET瓶粉碎, 押出碎粒机

公司名称: 国恩工业股份有限公司