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Chaintech was a name highly appraised for quality motherboards when looking for performance, stability and compatible design since its establishment in 1986. Such strong technology commitment and R&D expertise also led to impressive VGA & Internet Appliance businesses. At the end of 2005, Chaintech announced its new name as Walton Chaintech Corporation following its 25% stake acquired by Walton Advanced Engineering, the leading IC testing and packaging house. From then on, Walton Chaintech officially became one of the members in the Passive System Alliance (PSA) group.
With 20 years of successful business operation and market dominance, Walton Chaintech took a strategic jump into memory business to bring customers more varieties of products using the advantage of strong IC source as well as packaging and testing capability within the PSA group. It is worth mentioning that all processes from wafer-in to module-out are done “All-In-House” with strict quality control to ensure consistent quality of the products and increase production efficiency. Walton Chaintech’s current memory business accounts for half of its sales and the proportion of its memory products is expected to increase significantly as Walton Chaintech expands its memory business.
The business model of strong vertical deployment and alignment enables Walton Chaintech to fully achieve highest and consistent “Quality” pursuit, setting up sustainable foothold in VGA and memory markets. To maintain technology leadership and meet customer needs, the company strives to well leverage R&D expertise and advantageous position in the value chain to manage product portfolio, APOGEE brand clearly depicts such spirit and provides full potential of memory solutions like memory modules, flash cards and pen drive; VGA Apogee series offer more advanced, competitive features ahead of the market.
Walton Chaintech constantly strives to improve its competitiveness in the global market and provide customers with the most advanced technologies and products as well as the highest quality.


Memory Cards, Display Cards, Flash Memory, Other Digital A/V Products


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