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Ren Thang Co., Ltd. is a professional machinery manufacturer of making electronic components lead cutter/former, PCB assembly equipments for electronics factory. Founded in 1983. We have been in this field for more than 20 years. 20 More patents are accumulated through our great effort in continuously R&D. Our Products have been proved to be a economic with reliable products by many of the famous brand. We have achieved ISO 9002 approval since 1998. ISO 9001:2000, Since 2003.

Our mission is centered on customer's needs, service and efficient distribution to offer customers an efficient service and confidence in our products. Not only offer our products to customers but also provide consultation service on total PCB assembly solution. We satisfy customers with quality product and services at the right price, thereby creating a win-win situation between customers and us.


Lead Forming, Lead Former, Lead Bending, Lead Bender, Lead Bend, Leadbend, Lead Cutting, Lead Cutter, Lead Wire Cutter, Prep, Component Preparation, PTH, Through Hole, Thru Hole, PCBA, PCB Assembly, SMT Assembly, EMS/OEM/SMT/DIP, Turnkey Solution, Power Supply, LED, Capacitor, Radial, Axial, Rectifier, Soldering

Company: REN THANG CO., LTD.

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