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RICH SOU ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD. has been established since 1978, main activity in the fields of manufacturing and supplying surface treatment equipment and relative materials. For more than 25 years experiences, we have successfully build our own reputation in supplying all the related machine of Lost wax foundry equipment, sand blasting machine, shot–peen machine, IC mold cleaner, CNC engraving machine, etc. We own excellent technical- engineers to design & customize the different & special machine in correspond to customer's request. Our machine not only bring you cost down, but also ascend better your working process.
1. CNC Engraving machine
2. Hanging type Shot blasting machine
3. Sand blasting Cabinet
4. Shot Peen Equipment
5. Lost wax Foundry Equipment
6. Removing burrs cabinet for IC & Semiconductor, aluminum extrusion dies
7. IC Mold cleaning machine
8. IC Rework
9. Vacuum Spattering Equipment
10. Vibration, Centrifugal, Barrel & Grinding machine.
11. Boron, Tungsten Nozzle
12. All the abrasives – Glass beads, Ceramic Beads, Black Silicon Carbide, Brown & White fused Alumina, Steel Shot, Stainless Shot, shell Granulate, Plastic Media etc.


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