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aim is the abbreviation of Ahead in Multimedia,the trademark of Formosa21 Co., Ltd; the core competition of Formosa21 is multimedia communication. F=M2C Future= Multi Media & Communication is our dream and future. In digital era, since PC progress sooner, multimedia is booming. And communication also comes more application base on the population of Internet and wireless. From technical of view, to combine multimedia and communication is very difficult challenge; but the market opportunity is unlimited. Formosa21 will base on the vivid experience to developer the Remote solution for personal computer, notebook and home television, presenter and audio peripherals. Formosa21 was founded in 1984, and established in Taiwan.


Earphone/Microphone, Other Computer Peripherals Products, Set-top Box, Sound Card / PC Voice Card, Track Ball, Remote Control, Media Center Remote Control, Htpc Remote Control, Set Top Box Remote Control, Hotel TV Remote Control, Hospital Remote Control, Educational Remote Control, VOD Products, Presenter, USB Audio, Sound Card, Amplifier

Company: FORMOSA21 INC.

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