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To face the challenge of satisfying new small niche markets created by changing global economics, and new competitors, the only way to assure long-term success in such a climate is to incorporate new technologies, such as PC-Based controls into design and manufacturing
The backbone of all Research & Development at L & W Machine Tool, Inc. has always been the machine development and electronic application abilities, along with machine design and fabricating skills which have been utilized to provide solutions for die & mould making, tool rooms prototype and production industries. At L & W Machine Tools, Inc., total R & D in 1998 will have a remarkable increase to 10% of its turnover. To fulfil top-down planning and bottom-up implementation, a CAD system has been introduced into the R & D department and a joint venture "Up Side Down CNC Vertical Turning Lathe" development center was established in November 1998 in our Kaohsiung factory.
L & w Machine Tools have a simple ethos. We set out to make affordable, comprehensive, and reliable Quality Machine Tools which will meet the demands of most of your applications. With your needs in mind, we have developed different types of CNC machines, such as: Cyclone VMCs, Cyclone twin-turret production lathe, CiNCh-Mill PC-Based Bed Mill, and CNC Vertical Turning Lathes utilize modern control systems, making them one of the most sophisticated and flexible systems available today.
By utilizing the latest Internet technologies, anyone can easily obtain our product information via FAXNETTM System or web (http://www.lw-machinetools.com)
All machines supplied have a one-year limited warranty, covering defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty provides free services, including parts and expert advice. For machines out of warranty, we also provide prompt repair at a reasonable cost.


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