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STRONG Ultrasonic Machinery Co., Ltd. is established in October 1995. Seeing the development of high technology at that time, we started to import RINCO Ultrasonic Machineries and market to several domestic factories. We were the second ultrasonic machineries supplier in Taiwan. Moreover, our President of the company has already had 8 years experience in ultrasonic field and a total of more than 25 years experience in high frequency rain coat factory, plastic bag, yarn spinning and weaving, and paper bag weaving.

Our self-manufacture STRONG Ultrasonic Machineries includes our three types ST/STP/βtypes. ST type is using a traditional control switch, STP type has LED signals to display where the malfunction of the machines is happening and it will stop the oscillation automatically. This type is suitable for overseas area usage because when there is a break down, we only need to change the safety fuse or to repair the IC board. No need for special technician. β type is a new developed machine with digital controller that can reach precision until 0.01m/m. The digital controller can be used for a more precise and accurate welding. Furthermore, all machines mentioned above are using a square linear guides to ensure accurate and precise welding without any deflection and are very suitable for the curved surface welding, curved spray paint or electroplate welding.

Our company keeps on expanding until now. We have a branch in Dong Guan, Guang Dong Province, China. to serve our China customers. Also in March 2003, our factory, which has become RINCO agent for China and Hong Kong market, has expanded and moved into a nearby factory with 900 m2 area. With this new factory, we have a new spirit to improve a better innovation, better service for our customers, and better quality with our machineries.

As a result of CREST USA Ultrasonic Company merger with RINCO Switzerland, our company can sell several products such as,
CREST USA Cleaning Machine with 25/68/132/200Khz frequency for the usage of high technology chip cleaning equipment.
KLN Germany for oscillation and friction rotation welding, hot plate welding, ultrasonic plastic welding, ultrasonic metal welding.
MECASONIC France or FORWARD/FTI UK and USA manufactures KLN products and ultrasonic cleaning equipment.
Martin Walter, AG, Germany, specialized in manufacturing ultrasonic cleaning equipment with frequency above 100Khz.
Uthe Technology USA, manufactures IC Wire Bonder and metal thin line welder.

We also manufacture STPM 80, a Full Automatic Soft Tube Filling and Sealing Machine, SFS-50P and SFS-40P Semi-Automatic Ultrasonic Tube Sealing Machine equipped with a computer program controlled man-machine interface with a touch display unit.
Ultrasonic Metal Welder can be used in batteries, switch, and similar or dissimilar electric components and XY table welding and we will cooperate with customer’s demand to manufacture a bigger working area or provide more welding equipments.
Besides, there are also 20/28/35/40 KHz Air Conditioner Round Fans Welder or Fabric Cutter to purchase, Optical fiber connector specialized welder, Car Plastic Accessories welder, and Semi-Automatic Turntable Welder.

In the future, we will produce more Ultrasonic equipments or Automation equipment to supply our customers’ demands.


Turn-key Plant for Manufacturing Disposable Gas Lighters, Turn-key Plant for Manufacturing PP Files and Holders, Automatic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine, Spin Welding Machine, Whole-Plant Export for Air Conditioner Round Fan, Ultrasonic Lace Sewing Machine, Hot Plant Welding Machine, Ultrasonic Plastics Welding Machine, PE Tube & Lamination Tube Auto. Filling & Sealing Machine, PE Tube & Lamination Tube Auto. Filling & Seading Machine, Whole-Plant Equipment for Air-Conditioner Round Fans


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