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Established in 1960, SUN LUNG is specialized in making precision gears and gearboxes for plastic extruders, Plastic Injection Machine, Blown Film / Molding machines, Pipe/Sheet/Profile & Recycling equipments in Taiwan. With over 50 years experience, it is easy to see why leading machinery company always choose SUN LUNG as their No.1 major supplier.

SUN LUNG is not only the CE, TUV and ISO 9001-certified company but also an AGMA & TAMI member. We have successfully developed and manufactured specific gearboxes and parts for Sheu Shan Tunnel project in 1997. This has enhanced SUN LUNG's accomplishment and reputation. Our technological cooperation with the Japanese company Placo Co., Ltd. in 1997 has enabled us to upgrade the quality of our gearboxes and expand the sales volume in the global market.

Having sold more than 15,000 gearboxes from 2002 to 2011, SUN LUNG has turned into Taiwan's NO.1 brand in the Gear industry. Furthermore, SUN LUNG acquired TAIWAN INNOVATION AWARD 2010, TAIWAN EXCELLENCE AWARD 2011, GERMANY NUREMBURG INVENTION GOLD MEDAL 2011, SWITZERLAND GENEVA INVENTION GOLD MEDAL 2011 and TAIWAN GLORY OF LIGHT MEDAL.

We have significantly enhanced gearbox quality and capacity by purchasing the latest precision gear-grinder from Germany from 2008~2012. With the distribution of gearboxes to more than 20 countries worldwide, SUN LUNG has obtained the international solid reputation and branding. We aim to continually expand global markets by focusing on " Innovation, ECO-life, Quality" spirit, as well as afford the social responsibility to the customers worldwide.


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