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Founded in 1992 as a Auto Lighting manufacturer and exporter in Taiwan. We started to make LED Auto Lights from 2001 and continue developing LED Bulbs and tubes from 2006. We have patents for our special design such as Heat Sink. Light Projecting and Two Sides Lighting… etc. Our 360° LED bulbs can directly substitute the incandescent bulbs in Traffic Lights, Park Street Lamps, Floor Lamps, Bed Side Lamps and Crystal Chandelier. The Original Lamps can be kept using, no need to abandon that is good for environmental protection. Our special design for Heat Sink and LED chips that we make the LED bulbs with the lowest power consumption in the market while they compare with the other LED bulbs for the same brightness or LUX per Watt / 1 M. This best efficiency of Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction is good for our earth.
360° LED Bulbs & 100W LED Bulbs



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