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Hinnli Co., Ltd. -
a manufacturer & exporter of Industrial Machinery & Whole Plant Projects for Tissue Paper Converting Equipment, Paper Industrial Machinery and Steel & Iron industrial Machinery, established for over 20 years. Exporting markets include Middle East, North/South America, South East Asia, Europe as well as the other areas in the world. If you have any questions, please kindly call Dr. Ibrahim El-Hinn’s mobile at 886-932-036-587 or fax us at 886-2-2723-3602 or e-mail us at hinnrich@ms72.hinet.net and you are invited to visit our website at www.hinnli.com Please indicate the machines you are interested in so we may provide you with more details. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of further assistance.


Facial Tissue (interfold) Converting Machine, Single (V) Fold Hand Towel Converting Machine, Multifold (Z) Hand Towel Converting Machine, C Fold Hand Towel Converting Machine, Kitchen Towel Converting Machine, Tissue Paper Stripping and Rolling Machine, Wet Towel Converting Machine, Pocket Size Converting Machine, Napkin Converting Machine, Cutting Machine for Tissue Paper, Packing Machine for Tissue Paper, Adult Diaper Converting Machine, Sanitary Napkin Diaper Making Machine, Under Paper Converting Machine, Baby Diaper Converting Machine, Panty Liner Converting Machine, Nurse Pad Converting Machine, Corrugated Card Board & Corrugated Carton Box Converting Machine, Shopping Bags, Food Bag, Envelope Converting Machine, Paper Tray, Paper Cup, Paper Lunch Box Converting Machine, Auto Pulp Molding Plant, Tissue Pulp Whole Plant, Sheet Metal Forming Machines, Napkin, Industrial Rolls, Cutting Machinery, Tissue Paper Folding Machine

Company: HINNLI CO., LTD.
Contact Person: DR. IBRAHIM EL-HINN (Chairman)

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