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Since founded in 1993, ECOWIN has been impressed in its R & D. From developing the first digitalized EDM control system, advanced to equip with HEIDENHAN TN246C、TNC306、TNC406 fully digitalized discharge system, to the latter period our brainchild PC-BASED CNC EDM control & discharge system was born, we have been a leading role in a wealth of experience.
President Mr. Lai Hsi Hsien has thrown himself into this industry for 25 some years, heading an experienced and professional R & D team moving forward to have quality technological machinery advanced. His persistence "Deep- rooted in Taiwan, and bear the fruits worldwide" shares the sense of mission to make a feedback to Taiwan industry, it is hoped that to contribute our tiny integral part to build Taiwan a Technology Island in the name of "MIT".
With different field proficiency from team staff, the discharge system has developed from initial hydraulic servo control system, then into servo motor+ fully transistorized conventional EDM stage, to fully transistorized CNC EDM.
Our constant endeavors dedicate ourselves to improve and upgrade the capacity of industrial production. You can find our EDM line, covered from PC-BASED ZNC EDM, PC-BASED PNC with the function of side erosion and multi-cavity displacement, to the fully PC-BASED CNC EDM, features with high efficiency on discharge, quick in procession speed, low electrode wear, and facial refining process. We are competent and confident when speaking of EDM knowledge on upgrade and technology,
As slogan has it " Precision, value generating and practicability," we pursuit the total mould solutions to serve various industry's need, the medium and large sized models suitable for aerospace industry, motors industries, electronic and electric industry, and special magnesium alloy mould application; the precision models suitable for optic fiber communication components, precision motors parts, IC conversion kit/tools, plastic toys, zinc and aluminum alloy mould application; and processing-oriented models with low electrode wear and high speed for tungsten carbide and forging mould application.
In order to service customers with quality, money-spinning equipment, ECOWIN commits to keep machine 10- year in good repair, and 2 years warranty service. We assert ECOWIN a good partner and a accelerator in the route of prosperity and satisfaction for all our customers.


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