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E-HWA is manufacturing spare parts for Texturizing M/C, Knitting M/C, Ring Spinning M/C, Cone Winding M/C, as well as Ceramic Yarn Guides, Zirconia Yarn Carriers, Ceramic/PU Friction Discs and Air Jet Nozzles. Backed by over 30 years manufacturing experience, our technology has a carefully engineered combination of performance characteristics that allow us to meet your requirements efficiently and economically.


Ceramic Guide, Traverse Guide, Tension, Needle Detector, Cam, Zirconia Yarn Carriers, Yarn Carriers, Lycra Rollers, Striper Feeder, Positive Feeders, Tension Ring, Wires, Magnetic Tension, Knot Catcher, Punched Tape Vulcanizer, Belts, Knitting M/C Spare Parts, Texturizing M/C Spare Parts, Spinning M/C Spare Parts, TFO Twisting M/C Spare Parts, Winding M/C Spare Parts, Weaving M/C Spare Parts, RPR, Barmag FK6, SDS, Icbt, Rieter, Scragg, Aiki, Monarch, Fukuhara, Mayer & CIE, Oil Tension, Tape Stretchers, Tape Cleaners, Feed Wheel, Quality Wheel, Spanner Wrench, Cylinder, Germany Tension Meter, Air Gun, Gauge & Dial Indicator, Air Hoses, FAN, Oil Sprayer, Cleaning Gun, Fabric Cutter, Scissors, Pai Lung, Orizio, Pilotelli, Camber, Bobbin Disc, Yarn Suction Gun, Spindle, Yarn Cutter, Yarn Sensor, Roller, Drum, Separator, Cloth Winder, Cloth Spreading Stand, Creel Tube Stand, Sample Cutter


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