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When founded in 1994, Luren worked with ITRI and imported the design and production technologies of gear cutting tools from Samputensili, Italy, to begin the production and sale of our gear cutting tools. Through many years of production improvements and technological advancements Luren has developed a strong R&D team which allows us to provide R&D solutions to all of our customers through our three business units of gear cutting tools, gear grinding machines and spinning pumps. We`ve also expanded rapidly selling our gear grinding machines internationally under the Luren brand. With the development of our machines, our long partnerships and our experience in the gear industry, we were able to develop sophisticated gear cutting software compatible with all of our machines. Our comprehensive gear cutting solutions have advanced Taiwan’s gear industry like no other. Luren remains an intricate part of the success of Taiwan’s gear manufacturing industry.


Hob, Shaving Cutter, Vertical Gear Profile Grinding Machine, Horizontal Gear Profile Grinding Machine, Hob Sharpening Machine, Worm and Thread Grinding Machine, Gear Profile Grinding Machine, Spinning Pump, Pump, Cutters, Oil Finish Pumps, Gear Cutting Tools, Hob Cutters, Shaper Cutters, Master Gears, Driven Tool Holder, Gears, Gear Cutting Technology, Machine Tools, Polymer Gear Pumps, Automatic Pump Test, Spinning Finish Pumps, Hobs, Shaving Cutters


Number of Total Employees: 255
Year Established: 1994
Production Mode: OEM, ODM
Export Percentage: 65%
Export Market: Global
Brand Name: LUREN
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Competitive Advantages: Research and Design
Approvals / Certifications: Dual-Involute shaving cutter

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