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Founded in 1968, Yeuen Young Electrical Co., Ltd. specializes in R&D and manufacturing of high/low-voltage terminals and wiring harnesses as automotive electrical parts, household hardware etc., with its own CALY-branded crimped terminals and brass/copper-tube terminals, which are sold worldwide.

Prioritizing safety, we use highly electrically-conductive brass & copper meeting JIS standards to build terminals, which are both ISO 9001 (IECQ) and UL-certified. We will continue to do so to pursue higher quality and efficiency, as well as turning out insulated terminals of all kinds, crimping tools, strippers, tie guns and cutters.

Talk to us about quality, CALY-branded products that are always reliable and trustworthy.


Electrical Terminals, Wiring Accessories, Connectors, Terminals Kits, Crimping Tools, Terminals, Adapters, All Type of Electrical Terminals, Anchor Assembly Machine plus Counting and Boxing Unit, Auto Fuse, Automotive Fuses, Battery Contact, Bayonet Base, BAZ Washer, Bonded Washer, Bowl Washer, Butt Connector, Cable Clip Assembly Machine, Cable Lug, Cable Tie, Connectors for Computer and OA Equipment, Copper Terminals, Custom Wire Harnesses, DC Bayonet Halogen, Double Contact Candelabra Bayonet Sockets, Drive Pin Assembly Machine, EPDM Washers, Fuse Holders, Green Energy Connectors, Halogen Sockets, Hammer Drive Anchor Assembly Machine, Heat Shrink Butt Splice, Heat Shrink Solder Sleeve + Color Coding, Heat Shrinkable Waterproof Series available, Illumination Device, Injection Molding, Inline Inspection and Packing Machine, Insulated Terminal Crimping Tool, Intermediate Screw Sockets, Lamp Holder, Lamp Sockets, Medium Screw Socket, Miniature Wedge Socket, Modular Electric Power Connectors, Molding Injections, Moldings Parts, Nylon Washer, P.C. Board Assemblies, PC Board Assy, Personal Computer Cables, PL Sockets, Plug, Push In, Push-on Disconnectors, PV Connectors, PV Junction Box, PVC Insulating Tubing, Quick Splices and Butt Connectors, Reflector & Socket Assembly, Rivet Assembly Machine, Rubber Washer, Sealing Washer, Serrated Lock Washer, Silver Brazing Alloy, Single Contact Candelabra Bayonet Socket, Socket Assemblies, Solderless Terminals, Stainless Steel Cable Ties, Stamping Parts, Stampings, Terminal & Wire Assemblies, Terminal Assembly Machine, Terminal Soldering Machine, Terminated Wires, Tools and Assortment Kits, Washer Assembly Machine, Waterproof Wedge Socket, Wedge Base Socket, Wire Connector, Wire Nut, Wire Set, Wire Stripper, Wiring Harness and Accessories, Xenon Wedge Socket, Industrial Parts


Number of Total Employees: 30
Year Established: 1968
Export Market: Global
Brand Name: CALY
Business Type: Manufacturer

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