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1987 Ryhmebus was established. Marketing of RM2 series (AC PWM inverter).
1988 Completed developing RM2 inverters for 1 HP~30 HP and selling on the market.
1989 Installed a developing program for RM4 series(40 HP~150 HP) and auxiliary control equipment.
1990 Explored international trade, started with Korean market.
1991 RM3 (1HP~30HP) keypad programmable inverters were developed.
1992 Technical transfer of AC spindle driver from Mechanical Industry Research Laboratories, ITRT(Industrial technology research Institute).
1993 Close-loop controller in high speed induction motor and synchronous motor controller for chemical and fibre machines.
Completed developing MINI serial products.

1994 Capital was increased to NT$23.6 million.
Completed the project of forced cooling system in traction drives of GEC100 locomotive of Taiwan Railway Administration(TRA).
Incorporated with advanced applied technology project of Energy and Resources Laboratories, ITRT.
To be awarded by Taichung City Government for "Excellent Enterprise of Employee and Employer".

1995 Completed the design of RM5-IGBT serial products.
Implement of Rhymebus spindle controller and extending controller in textile and dyeing plants.
Phase-locked loop controller in high speed induction motor & temperature controller for chemical & fibre machines.

1997 Completed a project for AC servo motor technology, incorporated with ITRT.
Membered with Chung-Hwa Railway Industry Association (CRIDA)
Installed ISO-9001 program.

1998 Obtained ISO-9001 certificate in June.
Obtained a patent of "Alternative keypad of programmable inverter".
Accomplished a project of forced cooling system in main transformer of GEC100 locomotive of TRA.

1999 Obtained CE certificate.
Accomplished a project of tension rewind control system in stenter machines.

2000 Explored Mainland China market and established four branch offices.


AC Drive, Frequency Inverter


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