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Fong Ho machinery Industry (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. was established on Oct.1st, 1979. At the initial stage, Fong Ho offers machining service, such as milling, boring and CNC turning, etc. With our outstanding machining technique in combination with a commitment to customer’s requirement, Fong Ho began manufacture of metal sawing machines based on OEM with Japan. Through decades of efforts in business development, today Fong Ho becomes a highly reputed sawing machine manufacturer in Taiwan. Fong Ho’s wide range products include manual, semi-auto, fully auto and CNC metal cutting machines. They are applicable for cutting various materials, such as bronze, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, profiled steel and bar stock.Fong Ho machines feature user-friendly operation, safety, low noise and high cutting speed, making them a necessity for big, medium and small enterprises. Thanks to outstanding machine quality combined with comprehensive after-sale service, Fong Ho machines have been widely sold and set up subsidiaries and service centers over 15 countries around the world.

Fong Ho Machinery (Zhang Jia Gang) Co., Ltd. is a fully capitalized subsidiary of Fong Ho (Taiwan), which was established September, 1998 in the Zhang Jia Gang City, Jiang Su province, China which is a civilized and clean city. Over the years, It has accumulated extensive experience and inherits Taiwan FONG HO’s concepts-always strive for Excellence; constantly improve quality and insist on offering the best possible machines.

Today, FONG HO’s manufacturing capacity includes circular cold saw, end chamfering machine, sawblade , sawblade sharpener, and pipe cutting machine with roll cutter. To ensure the company’s perpetuity FONG HO always upgrade its technological level and develop new machines every year. Besides, we also strive hard for developing markets in 5 continents, so as to increase our market share percentage. At FONG HO, we always keep moving to achieve our goal of becoming a world-renowned brand name.


Fully Automatic Tungsten Carbide Sawing Machine, Circular Cold Saw, Metal Circular Pipe Bar Stock End Chamfering Machine, Auto Double-end Chamfering Machine for Pipe, Hydraulic Automatic Type Metal Sawing Machine, Saw Blade Sharpener, Metal Saw Blade, Pipe Processing Machines, Sawing Machine, Pipe & Tube Cutters, Steel Pipe & Tube End-facing Machines, Saw Blade, Tube Forming Machines, Cutting Machines for Metalworking


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