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Taiwan Rong Fu was founded in 1975 with a workforce of ten people turning out vises.

By 1979 we were also producing 4-1/2" metal cutting band saw and milling/drilling machines for the domestic and overseas markets. Taiwan Rung Fu was rated number one in Taiwan in the export of band saws and milling and drilling machine tools.

In 1984 we cooperated with two large US makers to develop 7"x12" and 8"x14" bench-model metal cutting band saws. Over the next decade we achieved an enviable record of other firsts and breakthroughs. In the same year we initiated implementation of a fully-computerized production management system.

By 1985 we had completely overhauled and upgraded our production facilities and received listing by UL of the United States for our products. In 1989 our computerized management system was extended to include all operations, and the following year we began preparation for ISO 9000 with training of all employees. We also invested in new production equipment for air tools.

* In 1992 we began working with the Industrial Research Technology Institute to improve our manufacturing processes. Our certification for ISO 9002 was received in 1993, and over the next several years we concentrated on expanding production and gaining CE approval for all of our products and CSA and UL listing for a number of products.
* In 1999 Taiwan Rong Fu successfully introduced our bandsaw products to the European market. During the same year we began OEM production of saws in cooperation with Thomas of Italy, and we were certified for ISO 9001 in the year 2000.
* In 2001, is a remarkable year of developing new RF-32, RF-43/205S, RF-914H, CNC VMC; and the OEM business with European manufacturers in band saw and drilling machine.
* In 2002, start bringing band saw into Chinese market. Develop JFC-330S, RF-085, 150, 210, 270 band saws.
* In 2003, develop variable speed function for mill/drill, and more of OEM business with European manufacturer. Invest sporting goods business.
In 2004 ~ 2005, obtained CUS certificate for most our items, and more of certificate for CE machines.
In 2006, move into 3 in 1 factory. Develop RF-125, 150, 916S/SV, 1018S/SV, and automatic band saw.
* In 2007, Develop RF-331, 335SRV, 1018SRV. Qingdao production begins, and direct export shipment started. ERP system generates.

We now sell to more than 80 countries around the world through importers and agents. In the future our strategy will be to rely on our core technology as a base and continue to design and develop our successful line of domestically-developed digital automatic control machine tools and machining centers.

For 25 years Taiwan Rong Fu has applied creativity and outstanding know-how to develop products that are high in quality and reasonably priced. We work to ensure that our customers will be able to enjoy great profitability with our products so that we can continue growing together in the future.


Band Saw, CNC Milling Machine, Drilling Machine, CNC Lathes


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