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> Supplier Information - JYI-TYAN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.
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> Product Categories in CENS:
Coating Machines  Plastic Sheet & Film Calendering Machines 
Other Plastic Processing Machines  Flexographic Printing Presses 
Varnishing Machines  Embossing Machines 
Plastic Printing Presses  Solvent Reclamation Devices 
Leather Processing Machines 
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> Main Product Produced:
  Dry & Wet Process PU Leather Coating Machine, PVC Foaming and Plastic Wall Paper Making Machine, Nylon Cloth Coating Machine, High Speed Gravure Printing Machine, Dry Solvent Recovery and Air Cleaning System, Continuous Static Electricity Flocking Whole-plant Equipment, PVC Leather Whole-plant Equipment, High Speed Printing Machine, Foaming Machine and Embossing Machine and Butting Machine, Stenter, Auto. Center Winders, Other Processing and Coating Equipment, Dry and Wet Process PU Leather Whole-Plant Equipment, PVC Foaming and Plastic Wallpaper Whole-Plant Equipment, Dry Solvent Recovery and Air Cleaning Systems, Nylon Cloth Coating Whole-Plant Equipment, High Speed Printing Machines, Foaming M/C and Embossing M/C and Buffing M/C, Stenters, Auto Center Winders
> Country of Orign:
  China, Taiwan
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